Wednesday, October 31

on the road again . . . just can't wait to get on the road again

I'm having that need for a holiday feeling again . . . luckily I only have to wait 2.5 weeks . . . my road to recovery is still slowly plodding along, I reckon by this time next week I'll be 100% better.

I've just finished making my poster for the World Melioidosis Conference in Khon Kaen, Thailand - well minus any "interesting" data I collect between now & when we leave on 19/10, but I'm rather excited about it!! Maybe I can shrink it in size & put it up here for all of you to see . . . I mean I know you're all dying to see it!!!!

This just really cracks me up - how do you reckon they discovered this fact!?!?!? I mean who publicly bans mile high club activity you ask, well apparently Singapore Airlines does!

I'm sure this study is correct, but I think that when kids hear "you have to be thin to not get cancer" then you run the risk of eating disorders at a young age, but that's just my two pence!

Let's see what other exciting things can I tell you about while I wait for my photo to upload (I think I've discovered a way to show an older version of my poster), oh bugger Blogger is having errors with photo uploads! Okay guess maybe I should just focus on my "real" work, maybe it's a sign . . . Happy Halloween everyone!

persistence pays off :)


Tuesday, October 30

checkin in on the slow road to recovery

I was so knackered after working yesterday & then cooking dinner that I ended up just popping a DVD in (A Few Good Men) and went to bed - only to be woken up by Rob at 20.30 wanting to stop in to get his bag, so I quickly got dressed since I knew he was working & worried he might be bringing up a colleague (which he did) so it all went off without a hitch, but then I went back to bed after that.

In case you care, last night I made hamburgers & put mild taco powder mix in the mince & it was really good also had broccoli & cauliflower - yummers - had leftover as well so I'm havin it for lunch today too :)

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Monday, October 29

hanging my a thread

so you can stop worrying now . . . I am alive . . . for awhile on Saturday I wondered if I would ever be able to get outta bed, but I made it. I'm definitely not 100%, but after showering this morning didn't feel like I had to go straight back to bed and since I have no internet at my new home I couldn't let ya'll know I was slowly coming back to life yesterday and thanks to this yucky virus I caught I have nothing to say about my weekend aside from "zzzzzzzz" cause that was ALL I've been able to do since Thursday night when I got home from work!! No for real, I slept from Thursday night at 7pm until 8am Friday (when I got up to txt work & announce I would not be making it in & to run to the loo) and then back to sleep until 11am on Saturday, when I was so outta it - I had to call Jim to find out what day it was! I thought I was better so I got up to shower, realised I was no better, put new pjs on & headed directly back into bed - forgot how exhausting showering can be (lol).

on a totally different note, can anyone explain to me where the month of October went? I can't believe that Thursday is November 1st . . . I know I slept a lot this weekend, but not that much!!

P.S. thanks to all of you who sent well wishes my way :)


Thursday, October 25

sick sick sick sick sick

i'm sick & tired of being sick & having tons of work to do . . . can't mention more about our potential exciting findings, but Dr. Best said, "I think my wee is in a froth" . . . YES I know that's rather graphic & I'm not a fan of this comment, but it is not a statement that is made unless Dr Best is really excited, so we're all happy here in the lab (for the mo)

after riding on the tube to & from south kens i'm feeling worse, can't hear out of my left ear, and still my eyes are watering, my nose can't decide if it's stuffed up or runny, and my throat though not really sore yet has that feeling like the second i stop drinking hot drinks it will start to flare up.

don't worry i'm on my way home now, just had to wait for a phone call (which btw has not come - bugger bugger bugger!!!) i'm off to buy some apple cider vinegar, so i can have an "uncle jimmy special" (mug of hot water with 1TBS vinegar, 1TBS honey) it's the only cure I know of for situations like these . . . if you don't believe me, check out SusieJ's post on it.


cold season has arrived

so either all the new students at LSHTM or the huge percent of persons riding on public transport have finally gotten to my immune system . . . it's official, i have the common cold :( this time it is unlike my other colds, today my eyes just keep watering, so people keep asking me if i'm okay or why are you crying, but i'm not - it's just my blocked passages.

in good news my co-worker Dr. TB as i'll call her, just had a paper accepted into infection & immunity, where she's second author, so that's exciting news & my other co-worker almost dr placid i'll call her might have discovered something cool with regards to Th-17 cells, so all in all it's been a good day so far & it's only 09.48!! other exciting new unrelated to my work is that the A380 (which my sis worked on the engine for with Pratt & Whitney) took it's first commercial flight from Singapore to Sydney, click here to see it take off.

as for me . . . just sick & trying to put together my poster for the WMC in Thailand in less than a month!!!! so i'll leave you with this awesome photo of me dad's house on the lake . . .

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Wednesday, October 24


Thanks to Miss Zee I've now joined NaBloPoMo, which btw stands for National Blog Posting Month, anyone else fancy joining us as well? Course after I signed up I realised I'll be in Thailand for the last 2 weeks of Novemeber & not sure how much access I'll have to the internet, but whatever, I'll give it a go!


Tuesday, October 23

thanks to miss mccann for asking . . .

So Dr. Crazy is a who is driving me nuts today (and for awhile now). She's super competitive, HATES Dr. Best. She is just freakin (would use a curse word but don't want to upset anyone with my use of 4 letter words) crazy!! I can't even begin to describe it, there is only one person who can put up with her & that's her flatmate. She's been working here 3 years & blames Dr Best's poor management style on the reason she doesn't have any papers written. She was working in a lab one day & didn't even notice that the hood wasn't on (not sure how that happens, but not the point) so she'd been making stocks of bugs with out any airflow so there was HUGE potential for her to be infected & it was only b/c of Dr. Elegant coming over to ask her a question & noticing the hood was off that they got outta the lab - she was ban from the cat 3 for 6 months after that. She's just a fruit . . . what can I say? She's always saying how she's the professional in the lab, but then minutes later she bursts into tears over just about anything. I don't like to be negative as she is actually seeing a therapist, but for goodness sakes get ahold of yourself woman!! We all have shit going on in our lives & we come to work just like you do. I so badly wanna say, "shut the F up Dr Crazy, not like you've got a terminal illness or homeless or starving to death" but in reality I KNOW it would only shut her up for a few seconds. Everything is about her annoys me today, nothing is every her fault . . . okay I have to stop as I could go on & on & on for hours, days, weeks probably, and to be honest you don't really wanna hear about it - she's just a freakin bint/cow/annoying bugger!


Monday, October 22

a funny thing happened on the way to the forum

After having Rob come over to help tighten all the screws I couldn't manage due to 3 blisters on the palm of me hand from working Friday night, 2 hours on Saturday & then most of the afternoon on Sunday we went to have dinner at the Assembly House. Nim & Andy met us there & brought me a "house warming and welcome to the neighbourhood" present (lil cactus). Around 8pm we all left to go our own ways & I went home to attempt to put the wardrobe together (photos will eventually come I promise) and during that time I realised how nice the tool set Rob had borrowed from Jim was so I decided to send him a thank you txt message and the funniest thing happened . . . I was typing, "thanks for the screwdriver" but I only got to a certain point when I hit the wrong button and the message that got sent was, "thanks for the screw" and of course before I could stop it, he'd read it . . . to which he replied, "? wot ?" I was still ROFLMAO just knowing how he was gonna rip the piss outta me for that one and I replied with the explanation . . . to which he replied, "dumb yank"

now isn't that hysterical! thank goodness he was the one to get it & not someone like my boss at work - how embarrassing would that have been?!?!?!?


Saturday, October 20

comments needed for this one

okay, my blogger mate Jen (see side bar for link, too lazy to link it meself) asked everyone to comment on what's in their bag, so I pose the question to all of you . . .

I'll start off with what's in my bag, in no particular order, just what I see first:
- mobile phone
- keys to my current flat, keys to my old flat, TESCOs customer card tag, mini flashlight
- mail to be returned to sender
- Jodi Picoult’s book Perfect Match (not a fav, but gotta finish it)
- Aveda Hand creme
- Extra spearmint gum (3 of 25 pieces left)
- keys to Jim & Rob’s house for when they get locked out or i’m in need of a place to hide
- umbrella (we all know it rains a lot in London)
- 4 plasters (what American’s would call band-aids)
- 2 old cinema tickets to Ratatouille
- mini Kleenex pack
- £1.94 in random change
- mini A to Z for London
- ID badge for Imperial College & London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (I now have labs at both locations, which btw are 30 minutes on public transport away from each other, causing me headaches!)
- spare keys to me new flat
- opticrom allergy eye drops
- 2 tampons
- silver pen
- 1 US credit card
- 1 US HSBC bank card
- 1 UK HSBC bank card
- Alphatelecom int’l calling card
- Irish shamrock good luck card
- Indian take away receipt from Friday
- £5 note and £3.58 in change in my purse
- broken necklace from 2 Friday’s ago
- neutrogena lip gloss
- purple pen

and that sums it up for today . . . actually sounds like I'm ready to clean it out!!!!!!!!!

In other news I've decided I need boy muscles to make me bed . . . get your minds outta the gutter, what I mean is that I'm not strong enough to tighten the screws all the way. I've got 2 night side tables looking like they're good to go, but not really usable & tomorrow morning me co-worker Karen is coming over to help me with the dresser, bed, and wardrobe (this was arranged before I realised I would need bigger boy muscles to finish the project).

Today I went to see Hairspray the movie and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Jaiden & I met up at the Prince Charles Cinema (ya know the one where tickets are only £4.50!!!, what deal considering prices in central London are normally £12-14, yes that's correct about $28)

I avoided going to the pub today as tonight was the WRC finals where England and South Africa square off . . . I cannot reveal the score since some of my readers might want to see the match and since I didn't even bother to watch it, I just checked the scores on BBC Sports page. Alls I can say is I'm glad I'm inside & not out at a pub b/c there are a lot of supports from both sides & I could see it getting rather crazy now that the match is over and one team has been defeated!

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Thursday, October 18

Ra-ta-too-ee and Da-dee-o

I recommend Ratatouille to all of you out there . . . children through adults! I found it very comical and I think ya'll would enjoy it as well.

Aside from that nothing exciting has happened, oh no, that's not correct, I received mail from me dad upon arriving home last night & in it was a photo of him being awarded a metal for his 5K race he did in connection with the Adirondack Marathon.

Here is what dad's letter said (with a bit of editing from me so you don't get too too bored):

It appeared at first to be a day not unlike any other day. But, in fact it was to be a day unlike any other day…as three personal firsts were achieved by me…not that I’m counting! And, furthermore, excellent results were achieved by my friend Ed B, who had traveled up from North Carolina to participate in the Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival, and excellent results were also achieved by Lindsey R, who is sister Ann’s grand daughter through John D.
The first First was that I entered and completed the first running race of my life. It was a mere 5 K race, that is 3.1 miles to those uninitiated into the intricacies of the metric system. The race, in Chestertown, began at 9:30 AM, approximately.

And, on Monday, two days after the race, at the Adirondack General Store, with adoring fans looking on, I was awarded my first place medal for winning in my age group. I asked the lady giving the award about the second and third place finishers and got a Cheshire smile…i.e. I think I was the only one in my age group! But, I finished without hurting anything, and that was my goal. Oh, and my time, according to the certificate was 34 minutes and some seconds. Not too bad!

Ed B, one of the scouts from my days as Scoutmaster of Troop 24 in Dobbs Ferry, ran, or rather slow jogged, the race with me. He is my “running coach” and inspiration, and in fact is a professional coach for the “Team in Training” program of the national Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Near the end of the race, Ed challenged me to pass a lady who was running ahead of us, while pushing her two infant children in a stroller and also while holding two large pointer dogs on a very short leash. She had passed me just out of the starting gate, and so I was determined to pass her and beat her to the finish line. And, with Ed’s encouragement, I did! Later, I thanked her for being my “pace setter,” but I don’t think she got the point.

The Adirondack Marathon Distance Festival, of which the 5 K race was a part, also had other events on Saturday, including a Runners Expo at the Schroon Lake Central School, a pasta supper at Word of Life Inn, and free swimming at the Word of Life Inn pool. Well, that led to the second First of my day. We arrived at WOL for swimming shortly after three P.M. and I signed the waiver form and went to the locker room to change. Ed and his wife Bobbie elected to sit by the pool, indoor and heated, of course.

After swimming, Ed suggested going to Saturday evening Mass at Our Lady of Lourdes Roman Catholic Church in Schroon Lake village, for the 4:30 PM service, rather than waiting for the 5 PM service at Saint Andrews (Episcopal, of course!). So, off we went to OLL, and I achieved my Third first of the day, as I had never set foot in OLL. It is a lovely church and was very well filled by regulars and marathon guests. Following that, we were off to the pasta dinner sponsored by Word of Life, so we went back there and ate up and visited with the locals on our way in and out, and Ed visited with fellow “Team in Training” folks.

On Sunday, Ed ran in the Half Marathon, which started just up the road a bit from the Boathouse, where Bobbie and Ed were staying. Lindsey ran in the Full Marathon, which began in Schroon Lake village. It was a beautiful and cool day, with lots of good sunshine. I am sure this aided and encouraged the runners. Both Ed and Lindsey did spectacularly, as follows:

  • Ed: 2 nd prize in his age group, 14 th of all the men in the race and 21 st overall. This was out of a field of over 400 runners, with a personal time of: 1 hour 37 minutes.
  • Lindsey: 3 rd place in her age group, 7 th of all the women in the race and 41 st overall, out of a field of almost 200 runners, with a personal time of: 3 hours and 40 minutes.

PS: Speaking of the “pool,” on the Friday after Marathon Weekend, on a calm day that was predicted to get to the 80s, I inveigled Ann into accompanying me in our pontoon boat for a swim across Schroon Lake. So, we boated across the lake to the Scaroon Manor property and I swam back to the Boathouse. It is the Mile Swim, and then some. The water temperature was 64, but it was sunny, calm and warm. A nice accomplishment for me to finish the summer! Three loons met us at mid swim and hooted their plaintive cry in seeming encouragement.

So if you happen to run into me dad or fancy leaving a comment which I can sent to him I know he'd love any comments, compliments, etc!

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Wednesday, October 17

bed, wardrobe & dresser

all arrived yesterday FINALLY . . . delivery time was between 6am and 12pm . . . arrival time was 4.15pm but what can you say when they arrive & immediately tell you that their van broke down & you're only half way through the deliveries, meaning they're going to be working till well past 6pm . . . nothing, you thank them for delivering it & you race to work as fast as possible since you were suppose to be there at 12.30pm. I arrived at 4.45pm and did an hours worth of work before leaving for Dan & Samana's birthday drinks & dinner. It was great fun, not the waiting around all day, but the dinner. When I got home at 10.30pm I decided to just place the mattress on the floor & crash instead of attempting to put the bed frame together - that fun will be saved for the weekend, along with putting the wardrobe, dresser & 2 night side tables.

Off to see Ratatouille tonight with me mates from uni, since it's 2 for the price of 1 on Wednesday with Orange phones (Orange is a mobile carrier like Verizon or Cingular)

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Sunday, October 14

your positive thoughts moved me (literally)

luckily today was much better, hired the car, drove to Milton Keynes, got desk & entertainment center thing, moved them in, packed last bits, packed hire car, moved my crap, had a curry take away with my mate Shani on the floor of my new flat & we laughed through the whole thing (laughter really is such a wonderful medicine for the blues!) then bought some Ben & Jerry's Phish Food ice cream & went up to Jim and Rob's and watched the rugby . . . Jim's doing okay, has 4 HUGE "elephant suppository" size pills to take for the next month (his quote not mine), but all things considered, seemed to be in pretty good spirts. Now just too knackered to write anymore, speak soon, hope you've all had a good weekend


Saturday, October 13

Comedy of Errors

So my move today was basically a disaster starting about 5 minutes after I made my last post . . . their car's fan belt broke about 30 seconds before arriving at my house, but of course we didn't know what it was, just that the battery light was on & that they had no power steering. They called AA (the UK's AAA equivalent). Had a cup of tea & the guy arrived to announce he didn't have the correct belt, but he'd tow us to the garage. Rob went with him while Tash & I walked, when we got there we found out the garage was closed & the AA guy had buggered off before we knew what was happening. So we attempted to drive to Tufnell Park (just over 2 miles), 2 pull overs for over heating (one of which we called AA to no avail), 1 detour up a huge hill & around a ton of sharp corners, we arrived across the way from my new place, unloaded everything & they went to see if the car would start so the could drive home before something else went wrong, and it wouldn't even turn over, just heard a meager clicking noise. Tash & I were hungry & thirsty so we popped into the Rustique Literary Cafe while Rob called AA again. They finally agreed to come & tow them back to Fulham, so we ordered some lunch & eat it whist waiting for the guy to show up.

Needless to say my second load of stuff didn't get moved & I wasn't able to pick up my hire car b/c I was stuck in an overheating, fan belt broken Ford Kia somewhere between Muswell Hill & Tufnell Park. Luckily when I called they said they could hold it for me till tomorrow so at 10am I'm going to be there to pick it up & hopefully have a more productive day than today. I have to say Tash, Rob & I will look back at this & laugh but right now I've got a massive headache & that feeling like it's never going to work out . . . I know I know, it will, just frustrating. Hopefully the bed delivery on Tuesday will go better, though of course it doesn't take much to go better & could still be "not good"

To top it all off, in case my day hadn't been crazy enough the girl who was going to move into my room on Monday has backed out & since I've paid till the end of the month & according to the land lady I said I'd be out at the end of the month & she's leaving on holiday for 2 weeks, NOW she won't give me my money back for these 2 weeks I won't even be here - If only I had given her written notice then I could prove that I gave a month's notice (as the tenancy agreement says) and not have to be arguing about this right now . . . UGH!!!!

Alrighty, off to get some much needed kip, please send positive moving karma my way for tomorrow, I could really use it.

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any minute now

Tash & Rob will show up & we'll start loading all of my crap into their car & I'll officially be moving to Tufnell Park . . . btw moving sucks sucks sucks!!!!! Course on my way to get the keys the road is closed AGAIN, so we had to go on a diversion, so I'm hoping the traffic doesn't get too backed up since then & that we can swiftly get this crappy part of the day over with!!!!!!!!!!

In Happy News, my college roommate my first year at Norwich, Jenn got engaged last night to Dave & so I wanted to wish them congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! It's also Jenn's 28th birthday this weekend, so Happy Birthday girlfriend! And a bit late but my blogging mate Jen got married back in Sept, so I wanted to wish her & Trav congratulations as well . . . what is it with that name?!?!?!

oh just got a txt message, Tash & Rob missed the exit off the north circular, so they'll be about 10 minutes, gonna post this & get my rear in gear!

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10 hours to go

no, not till my birthday, but till I get keys to my new place :) Just got back from seeing Carmen & I'm back to disliking opera, not sure what went wrong, but this "new" version had mobile phones & bored me . . . so I'm gonna stick with musicals for the time being.

course b/c I was at the opera & not at home packing I'm not completely done yet, but my mate Tash & her boyfriend Rob will be here at 11.30 to do one run with me & then I pick up my hire car at 13.30 and will do another run. Sunday my mate Shani & I will go to Milton Keynes to pick up my FREE desk and FREE stand for a telly (yes, yes I know I don't own one, no need to rub it in) . . . gotta love FREE, eh?

Sorry I haven't written much recently, I've been rather side tracked with packing/moving and my dearest mate Jim had a rather horrifying incident the other night at work (was stabbed with a dirty needle from an HIV infected drug dealer). He seems to be doing okay, but I'm not sure he's fully admitting to himself what's happened. I know he'll call/talk when he needs to & I also know (from learning the hard way) not to push him when he's not speaking! In other not so happy news, check out my mate Andrew's post about Blackwater USA. I feel a bit bad, but I agree with him. (b/c many of the people I graduated with from Norwich Uni after being commissioned into the forces, did their time & now are "switching" to civilian contracting since it pays more money)

On a happier note, for those of you who read me mum's comment on the last post, yes, it's true, I said "to-mah-to" twice the other day, instead of the American way of "to-may-to" . . . each time someone else called me on it!

Alrighty, off to bed, as I'm actually moving TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 10

me packing??!?!?!

Contrary to popular belief, I started packing 3 days before moving!! I know me mum & dad are about to keel over, cause any one who knows me knows I rarely ever pack ahead of time. Maureen remember the night before I flew to Key West about 2.5 years ago (just after I first met Matt) I called you to chat & suddenly realised I hadn't done a thing and it was almost 10pm and Kathy was picking me up at the airport at 4am - LOL

So I've got 6 wine boxes packed with books, DVDs, assorted crap I've accumulated & have decided to keep. Only thing left to pack is clothes, bathroom stuff & kitchen which I'll tackle tomorrow since Friday night I'm going to see Carmen, yes you read that correctly 2 operas in less than 2 weeks!! Bet that's surprise number two for this post.

Okay seeing as it's nearly 11pm here I'm off to bed.

BTW buying a goat doesn't mean you'll actually get a goat, you'll just be giving a goat to a family in need (you have to click on the pink print for the link)

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Tuesday, October 9

do you

know what tipp-ex is?!?!?! (answers from people who have lived in the UK for more than 2 weeks cannot answer this!)

Saturday, October 6

what's your opinion?

Sexy or not?

Nissan's ball-shaped electric car has the ability to squeeze into tight parking spots without backing up thanks to it's wheels that can turn 90 degrees with an added bonus of the seating area of the car being able to rotate in a circle, it's called the Pivo 2 (3 seat ecological car) and will be shown at Tokyo's auto show this month. Only downfall is that Nissan says even though it's fully working it is still too expensive to go commercial.

Update from 19.28:
Alls I can say about the rugby (since I promised I wouldn't say scores or details that would give it away) is it's well worth watching the England v Aussie match, I of course missed it being at work, but I read the 5 minute updates on the computer & I'm sad I missed it.

While at work I organised to hire a car for next weekend's big move - YEAH! Now I really need to get my rear in gear & pack the crap in my room up & the kitchen & bathroom stuff as well.

Off to read the 5 minute updates on the New Zealand v France game, go All Blacks (my god-father is a kiwi, so I have be faithful to them)!!!

Update from 22.41:
Just got an email from a dear mate of mine who went to LSHTM with me last year, she's just started medical school & read what she wrote: (NB don't be offended!)

"I just finished my third week of medical school here at St Georges. Did you know there are over 20 million sperm per ml of semen? And that usually 85% of them are wonky (three headed, two-tailed, directionally challenged mutants)! Silly men. Anywho so this week was all about fertilization. And its thoroughly convinced me that there is no way Ill ever manage to get pregnant! But I did get to slice up dead mens willies and poke all the complicated tubing. Ive been so fascinated about my course that last night I went to this very swishy bar ... swishy as in there wasnt even an entrance, you had to know which unmarked door to enter and inside there was a modest reception desk, then you entered an opulent den of extravagant cocktails with twice frozen ice that was hand-chiseled. And so there I am in my 4in pink suede heels and the classiest dress I own and cant stop telling people about average sperm counts. I won some... I lost a lot. But I figure someone who isnt interested in human biology cant be very interesting themselves."

To which all I could reply was, "yeah you're right Mer" just thought I'd share that tid-bit of essential information to your Saturday night/Sunday morning reading :)

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Friday, October 5

7 random's

thanks to the Cheesewiz over at Brain Cheese, I've been memmed (can you say that!?!?!?) to tell ya'll 7 random things about me, glorious me, I know you're all so excited you can hardly contain yourselves, but please try:

  1. I love pineapples & mangoes. When my dear mate Kathy & I went to Costa Rica, breakfast was our absolute favourite time of the day because we could eat as much fresh fruit as we'd like & we use to pile our plates with pineapples, mangoes, and strawberries & just stuff our lil faces.
  2. My aunt turns 71 today, Happy Birthday Auntie Ann, not really sure if that is "something about me" but it's something related to me, so I'm counting it.
  3. My dad just called & gave me my aunt's phone number in Florida so I can call her.
  4. I have a Nokia mobile phone which I got for free when I switched my provider to O2.
  5. My ex-fiance's best friend is marrying a girl I grew up with tomorrow in NYC
  6. My favourite trainers are made by Adidas Climalites, but they're not so good in wet weather!
  7. My shoe size is a US 9 and a UK 6 or 7 depending on the shoe.


new discovery

So I've just had my first twiglet . . . no not a piglet, a twiglet . . . who knows what they are? There's a surprise for the first person to answer correctly (without goggling it!!)

Well they're really good & I won't say anymore now cause I don't want to give it away.

So as I told you yesterday I'll be moving next weekend, so I reckon this weekend will be filled with fun things like packing, cleaning & more packing, oh right, that's not fun at all!! Maybe the fun part will be in watching the rugby quarter finals at the pub, ah yes, that sounds way more fun than packing.

I think I also mentioned yesterday that I was going to try out the opera last night - I did and much to my surprise I almost really enjoyed it . . . I'm still a much bigger fan of musicals, but I think I could learn to appreciate the opera. We went to see The Magic Flute at the English National Opera which is just off Trafalgar Square. Apparently operas in Covent Garden are done in their original language, but at the ENO they're all in English (with super-titles for those times when the ladies decide to hurt your ears with their ability to scream, I mean sing). I've been offered the chance to go to see Carmen next Friday & I think it would be a good idea if I went to broaden my opera horizons & cultural experiences. Heck, isn't that one of the reasons I always give for moving here, access to all these types of things, so may as well take advantage when I can! Only draw back is I will be moving the next day, but then again I can't get the keys till 10am so I could still have a mini lie in that morning.

Must get back to my real work now, ta-ra

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Thursday, October 4

good news & goats

So my estate agent left a message for me saying he had some good news, but now I'm waiting for him to call me back AND my dear co-worker Annemieka just offered me a desk and tv stand, should I get it . . . now I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!

In other news, who fancies buying a goat? I just had a brilliant idea for Christmas presents for me family. I might just buy each one of them a goat - I mean how cool would that be? It's not like a dog that they have to walk or a cat where they have to change the litter box and from the photos you can see it's way easier than building a goat pen. You can buy a brick as well, but I thought the goat was way cooler. What do you all think of this idea, do you think my family will agree or have I fallen off my rocker?

Update: I got the new place - YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, October 3

sleepless nights

I really wish my potential new flat would call & let me know if it's all good! Last night my crazy flatmate, Estee, decided she wasn't tired (ya know since she hadn't worked that day & didn't have to work today either) so she had some of her mates round. No biggy right? WRONG, they were all at ours till like 2am & since her bedroom is perfectly located just above mine I got stuck listening to their high healed shoes prance around the nice wood floors (what else do you wear in some one's house during the wee hours of the night I ask?) & they all had rather loud voices . . . I asked her once if they could be a bit quieter, but I think she just thought I was being a "party pooper" which I guess I was, but for goodness sakes it was a Tuesday night, the rest of the normal world has to work on Wednesday, not all of us get the luxury of just having to work 20 hours a week with the added bonus of still affording to live like they work 40hrs/week!!! Sorry for that rant, she's just been doing me head in more & more since I told her I was potentially moving out (I reckon it's just coincidence, but whatever it's annoying!!!!!)
Happy Wednesday morning from L'town!

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