Saturday, October 13

Comedy of Errors

So my move today was basically a disaster starting about 5 minutes after I made my last post . . . their car's fan belt broke about 30 seconds before arriving at my house, but of course we didn't know what it was, just that the battery light was on & that they had no power steering. They called AA (the UK's AAA equivalent). Had a cup of tea & the guy arrived to announce he didn't have the correct belt, but he'd tow us to the garage. Rob went with him while Tash & I walked, when we got there we found out the garage was closed & the AA guy had buggered off before we knew what was happening. So we attempted to drive to Tufnell Park (just over 2 miles), 2 pull overs for over heating (one of which we called AA to no avail), 1 detour up a huge hill & around a ton of sharp corners, we arrived across the way from my new place, unloaded everything & they went to see if the car would start so the could drive home before something else went wrong, and it wouldn't even turn over, just heard a meager clicking noise. Tash & I were hungry & thirsty so we popped into the Rustique Literary Cafe while Rob called AA again. They finally agreed to come & tow them back to Fulham, so we ordered some lunch & eat it whist waiting for the guy to show up.

Needless to say my second load of stuff didn't get moved & I wasn't able to pick up my hire car b/c I was stuck in an overheating, fan belt broken Ford Kia somewhere between Muswell Hill & Tufnell Park. Luckily when I called they said they could hold it for me till tomorrow so at 10am I'm going to be there to pick it up & hopefully have a more productive day than today. I have to say Tash, Rob & I will look back at this & laugh but right now I've got a massive headache & that feeling like it's never going to work out . . . I know I know, it will, just frustrating. Hopefully the bed delivery on Tuesday will go better, though of course it doesn't take much to go better & could still be "not good"

To top it all off, in case my day hadn't been crazy enough the girl who was going to move into my room on Monday has backed out & since I've paid till the end of the month & according to the land lady I said I'd be out at the end of the month & she's leaving on holiday for 2 weeks, NOW she won't give me my money back for these 2 weeks I won't even be here - If only I had given her written notice then I could prove that I gave a month's notice (as the tenancy agreement says) and not have to be arguing about this right now . . . UGH!!!!

Alrighty, off to get some much needed kip, please send positive moving karma my way for tomorrow, I could really use it.

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At 14 October, 2007 00:18, Blogger Jilly Bean said...

I'm sending good thoughts. And damn, I could use some kip too.

At 14 October, 2007 01:25, Blogger Sara said...

thanks jilly bean for the thoughts, we all know i can use them right now, i reckon with the wee one around you need the kip more than i do :)

At 15 October, 2007 14:46, Anonymous Amanda said...

So all the advertisements for AA that showed AA men saving random people stranded in the country with their children while it's snowing aren't so true?? I should have known. They were all singing and it was snowing. That never happens in England...

At 18 October, 2007 13:23, Blogger Sara said...

SOOOOOO true, it's all lies lies lies, course without a telly I've never seen what you're speaking about but when does it snow enough to need AA anyways?!?!?!


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