Wednesday, October 17

bed, wardrobe & dresser

all arrived yesterday FINALLY . . . delivery time was between 6am and 12pm . . . arrival time was 4.15pm but what can you say when they arrive & immediately tell you that their van broke down & you're only half way through the deliveries, meaning they're going to be working till well past 6pm . . . nothing, you thank them for delivering it & you race to work as fast as possible since you were suppose to be there at 12.30pm. I arrived at 4.45pm and did an hours worth of work before leaving for Dan & Samana's birthday drinks & dinner. It was great fun, not the waiting around all day, but the dinner. When I got home at 10.30pm I decided to just place the mattress on the floor & crash instead of attempting to put the bed frame together - that fun will be saved for the weekend, along with putting the wardrobe, dresser & 2 night side tables.

Off to see Ratatouille tonight with me mates from uni, since it's 2 for the price of 1 on Wednesday with Orange phones (Orange is a mobile carrier like Verizon or Cingular)

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At 17 October, 2007 20:36, Anonymous Paula said...

You'll love the movie, we did.
All 3 of us : )

At 18 October, 2007 03:25, Anonymous susiej said...

I took my kids to see that movie, and I was so delighted with the film that I actually thought,"Wow, that was great for me... I hope the kids liked it." And they just loved it as much as me -- and for different, but some of the same, reasons.

At 18 October, 2007 04:44, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Glad to hear that new bed is a double...leaves room for company! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA

At 18 October, 2007 13:22, Blogger Sara said...

Yes, I did enjoy it, would have loved to have gone earlier & heard kids laughing a well, but it was the 21.00 showing, so just adults

I agree & wonder when kids laughed, cause I reckon it could have been different from when I was giggling

you cheeky lass commenting on room for company :)

At 18 October, 2007 16:50, Anonymous Paula said...

As a parent, you notice the kids and grown-ups laugh at different times. We get a lot more of the sight gags.
Another good movie if it comes your way on "Orange Night" is No Reservations. Will and I had a mother-son date night !!! We also just watched The Last Mimsy on Pay-Per-View.....nothing to rave about, but worth the $2.95 fee.

At 18 October, 2007 18:18, Blogger Sara said...

Apparently I've missed No Reservation, it was here last week but gone now, will have to rent it on DVD, thanks for the recommendations, I'm rubbish at knowing what to see


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