Wednesday, October 3

sleepless nights

I really wish my potential new flat would call & let me know if it's all good! Last night my crazy flatmate, Estee, decided she wasn't tired (ya know since she hadn't worked that day & didn't have to work today either) so she had some of her mates round. No biggy right? WRONG, they were all at ours till like 2am & since her bedroom is perfectly located just above mine I got stuck listening to their high healed shoes prance around the nice wood floors (what else do you wear in some one's house during the wee hours of the night I ask?) & they all had rather loud voices . . . I asked her once if they could be a bit quieter, but I think she just thought I was being a "party pooper" which I guess I was, but for goodness sakes it was a Tuesday night, the rest of the normal world has to work on Wednesday, not all of us get the luxury of just having to work 20 hours a week with the added bonus of still affording to live like they work 40hrs/week!!! Sorry for that rant, she's just been doing me head in more & more since I told her I was potentially moving out (I reckon it's just coincidence, but whatever it's annoying!!!!!)
Happy Wednesday morning from L'town!

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At 03 October, 2007 14:37, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Not that I EVER recommend reveangeful acts...*cough, cough*...BUT, I AM living in an 8 hour time delay from London, equipped with a phone and a devious mind. Would you like any "wrong number" prank calls placed to say...ANYONE? your flat????

Remember...TRUE friends are here for you...LMAO

Linda D. in Sleepless In Seattle, WA, USA

At 03 October, 2007 16:34, Anonymous Amanda said...

I'm sorry that things aren't working out at the flat. It is such a bummer when you are trying to sleep for work and everyone around you is noisy. I hope the new flat calls soon!!!!

And you aren't being a party pooper. Just an adult.

At 04 October, 2007 22:34, Anonymous SusieJ said...

Braincheese has a GREAT idea. Of course, there's always melatonin.
At least you're not sharing living quarters with a opossum.

At 05 October, 2007 06:20, Anonymous Susan said...

So sorry about the sleepness nights! Noisy neighbors or noisy flatmates are never fun! Glad to hear that you've got a new place. Happy to give you a call at anytime of the day or night =).


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