Wednesday, January 31

Mission Accomplished

WOW, I think I did a fantastic job, even if I do say so myself! Here are a few photos to prove it: a clean & smell free fridge!!

clean bathroom with new shower curtain, matching tissue box, matching toilet bowl cleaner & matching bath mat

Here is the lastest & greatest ankle photo for all of you to enjoy (don't worry I'll make it small so you don't get too too grossed out)

And for those who care (aka Mom & BJS) Arsenal is winning 3-1 :)

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Super Nice Friend I Am

Well I'm off to shower & start out on my daily mission, which I for some reason chose to accept, I'm sure you will wonder why as well after I get done explaining it!!!

My friend Matt's new apt just on the other side of town from Anne & John's house is finally has the power turned on so yesterday we went over to check it out & discovered that the previous tenant moved out in August & of course turned off the fridge but never emptied it leaving eggs, butter, peas, & milk for me to find when I opened the door yesterday, I nearly passed out & definitely gagged. TRUST me I'm not a whimp, I've smelled some pretty nasty things at work (ever worse than autoclaving mouse food & bedding - I know you find that hard to believe!), but this odour takes the cake, so gross I can't ever post the photos - it's just HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!

For some reason I took on the challenge of cleaning it for him, WTF was I thinking?!?! Yeah I'm starting to wonder that myself, but again with nothing to do all day, buying cleaning supplies & tackling the fridge seemed like a good project for me. No I'm not feverish, I just had a weak moment of offering to help with "whatever needed to be done" - note to self, in future offer vacuum.

Tonight Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs are playing at Emirates Stadium should you care to check that out.

So I'm off to buy a few things & then head over to the apt. I hope everyone else's day is more fun (or at a minimum less smelly) than mine, it will at least make you appreciate your job!!

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Tuesday, January 30

Male or Female

You might not have known this, but a lot of non-living objects are actually either male or female. Here are some examples:(last one is priceless!!)

FREEZER BAGS: They are male, because they hold everything in, but you can see right through them

PHOTOCOPIERS: These are female, because once turned off; it takes a while to warm them up again.They are an effective reproductive device if the right buttons are pushed, but can also wreak havoc if you push the wrong buttons.

TIRES: Tires are male, because they go bald easily and are often over inflated.

HOT AIR BALLOONS: Also a male object, because to get them to go anywhere, you have to light a fire under their ass.

SPONGES: These are female, because they are soft, squeezable and retain water.

WEB PAGES: Female, because they're constantly being looked at and frequently getting hit on.

TRAINS: Definitely male, because they always use the same old lines for picking up people.

EGG TIMERS: Egg timers are female because, over time, all the weight shifts to the bottom.

HAMMERS: Male, because in the last 5000 years, they've hardly changed at all, and are occasionally handy to have around.

THE REMOTE CONTROL: Female. Ha! You probably thought it would be male, but consider this: It easily gives a man pleasure, he'd be lost without it, and while he doesn't always know which buttons to push, he just keeps trying

Party Photos & my ankle

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The Decider

My friend Anne & I often joke about who is "the decider" in the house, when it comes to the remote control it's Matt, when it comes to what channel we watch on tv, it's John & Matt, when it comes to dinner, we all are "deciders", when it comes to who cleans it's Anne & me, when it comes to the country as a whole, we think it should be us (Anne & me) but our lovely president told us awhile ago that he's the decider. Finally someone has told GWB that maybe he needs to rethink who is "the decider"

As I type this my photos are being up loaded so I should be able to make a slide show in a few & then it will be ready for you in a bit, get excited they are pretty cool, Patty did a fab job in getting a photo of me with everyone who was at the party (cheers lil sis!!)


On a mission

My mission today is to get this car ad totally set up.

As I told you yesterday my car is "for sale" so after setting up the ad online I got an email that said she had to fax me some agreement paper & that I would have to send it back with a copy of my credit card to process it before they could put the ad in the paper soooo I had to ask Anne if she could receive a fax for me at her office. Of course being the wonderful person that she is she agreed & we made plans to have lunch in New Haven since I'll have to go in to her office to make this transaction happen.

I'm hoping the lady at the newspaper sends the fax before noon so that I can get it back to her asap, I'd like the ad in tomorrow's paper (originally I'd asked for it to start today, but apparently that's not going to be happening!)

Still not sure when I leave yet, but I have learned that my living situation is all f***ed up :( I was suppose to live with a cousin, who just sent me an email on Friday to announce she's quite her job & moving back to the states some time this week. Ugh, if it's not one thing it's another these days.

I did get to open all my presents from my party at Patty's condo yesterday & I got some awesome stuff - took photos of all of it - again hope to get those up later this week - you have to remember that my camera & suitcase are in the basement & the computer is upstairs so if I forget it when I get up in the morning (which is 90% likely since I'm still partly asleep) it's unlikely I will go down there again just to get those things, stairs are a bit scary for me at the moment!!

I'm going to see Smokin Aces tonight with my sis, James, Ryan and Matt, not sure what I'm getting myself into, no clue about the movie (to be honest I don't want to know - like the time that Zee & I got our hopes up for Happy Feet) BUT I've got one thing going for me today & that is that the movie is only $5 :) We're meeting up at TGIFriday's for appetizers at 5.30pm. Okay off to shower & try to get my car advert figured out!

Ankle update: The purple colour is getting darker & has grown larger on the lateral portion of my foot, I'm hoping this is a sign that the bruises are going away, but in the mean time I'm still frustrated with the lack of complete recovery!

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Monday, January 29

St Dwynwen Day

Check this out!!!

and then listen to this, both of which my friend Heather sent to me:

"Like This Milk? Date The Guy Who Got It" North Wales
Wales farmers are having their pictures put on milk cartons in case women are interested in dating them, the Daily Post reported. The"Fancy a Farmer" campaign was launched by dairy farmer Iwan Jones,director of Calon Wen, a co-op of 20 dairy farmers. Calon Wen will put on the cartons pictures of men and women looking for dating partners "It's a bit of a laugh really - but if I was approached by an attractive young lady, I wouldn't turn her away," Jones said. The program has an accompanying Web site that pairs up farmers. "The Welsh countryside...can be a hard place to find a date," Jones said.

You just gotta love the Welsh!!!! (right BJS?!?!?!)

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Feeling older, well not me actually

I know I've been bad about posting recently but I've been swamped with stuff to do, mostly reading mail, organizing for the party this past Saturday (huge success!) and resting my ankle, which is SLOWLY getting better but you all know slow is not a pace I enjoy, SO I'm trying to be good about it, which is why this post will be very short!!

At the party we had, Patty, Dad, Anne, John, Matt W, Aunt Pat, Diane, Kevin, Sylwia, Owen, Maya, Matt S, James, Mr & Mrs T, Mike T, cousin Betty, Bea, Ernie, Marlene, Kylie, Mike V, Kristen, PJ, Mr & Mrs U and me - impressive we all fit into Patty's place :)

I hope to be able to download the photos from my camera later this week & have them posted for ya'll to see asap.

Being 29 feels just like 28, which felt just like 27, which felt just like 26, which felt just like 25, so I think I'll just start telling everyone I'm 25 years old, I think it would be believable since I still get carded for 18yo at the movies!!!

Okay I'm off to get some Advil & make an ad for my wonderful car that I must now sell before moving to London, I'm very sad about this, cause I do so love my car, but I could also use the cash more!!!! Soooo if anyone knows someone who wants to buy a 2005 Subaru Legacy sedan, 5-speed manual, fully loaded, with sunroof and rear spoiler, let me know!!!

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Wednesday, January 24

Sprained Ankle

Lookie here folks, I don't recommend falling down the stairs because this is what could happen to you! Yes, yes I know the photo sorta sucks, but at least you can get an idea from the funny colouring of the pain I'm in! Also note the awesome PJs!!!!

Got an email from LSHTM that they are finishing up my paperwork & will be sending it all off to the UK gov't later this week, so that's good, exciting news. I also got an email saying that by bestest friend & her hubby are going to be able to make my 29th birthday party on Saturday - yipeeeee!!!

Today's big event was lunch at the general store with our neighbour Terry (who own's mom's old log cabin) & moving funds around in my TIAA/CREF account - I know I lead such an exciting life!!!

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Tuesday, January 23

My Bestest Friend since 3rd Grade

So here is some great news from my bestest friend who I've known since I was only a wee lass - LOL.

Sorry for the lack of posting recently, but as I think I'd told you I was headed up to the Adirondacks for the weekend to find my diploma from Norwich (check), scan & email to London (after a bit of work, check), dinner & sleep over at Maureen & Bob's house (check), fall down stairs at M&B's house & sprain my ankle (check, oh right that wasn't on the list of things to do, but I added it in).

Catch up (for those who care). Arrived on Friday night, had dinner with dad, watched Footloose on DVD. Woke up Saturday morning, had some breakfast & up into the attic I went, found the box of mom's shoes which we wanted to mail to her & after bumping my head into an overhead beam I hadn't noticed I suddenly saw no, not stars, but a box with a diploma sticking out - YEAH!!!! I grabbed it & climbed back down to the main room. Dad & I looked at the diploma & realized we'd have to get it reduced in size in order to send to LSHTM, so we made the day's plan. Lunch at 1pm with my friends Bob & Jane from Paradox Lake at an awesome place in Schroon Lake (name I cannot recall right now), then continue on up to Plattsburgh to Staples & Best Buy, then to Loon Lake for dinner at Maureen & Bob's house.

When we got to Plattsburgh, we discovered that the diploma was too big for them to scan & reduce, we would need a blue print place, which was not open until Monday. BUT we were able to get a few other errands done, like buying an electric heating pad and buying a digital camera battery charger.

We had a fantastic dinner of beef stew, beer bread & corn bread. Then we chatted till around 11pm before heading to bed. Sunday morning we woke up, had Bob's breakfast of over easy eggs, sausage, and the famous home fries (best I've ever had!) I ran out to start my car since it was -2F, after a few minutes Dad & I got our stuff together, said our goodbye's & started down the stairs. I thought I was done with the steps when I suddenly realized I had another 2 to go, so I tried to stop myself from falling but it was too late, down I went & felt a weird feeling with lots of burning in my ankle. Luckily Dad was with me so he was drove me to Saranac Lake Adirondack Medical Center's ER, where I changed all of my contact info, filled out the form to say I didn't have any medical coverage/insurance. I was in & out of there in about an hour I think, luckily for me there were not too many others in the ER so I was in & out of the xray room in no time at all - "nothing broken, just a bad sprain, stay out of work for 3 days (no problemo as I'm unemployed!!), crutches for 2 weeks, ice, Motrin, elevate etc. We headed back to Patty's house in Adk (where Dad is living right now) and I've been hanging out there ever since. Well actually I went on a mini road trip yesterday to Glens Falls to get my diploma scanned & reduced, which we were able to do, YEAH! While down in GF we also got some stuff at Staples, had lunch at Red Lobster, visited our friend Shirley (who turns 89 on Monday), mailed a box of shoes to Mom at the UPS Store, and went food shopping. For most of these events I sat in the car, but it was nice to get some fresh air & not be stuck on the couch for 3 days straight!!

Last night my friend Jim called from London to tell me that he had been able to pay my storage unit (ya know since my credit card was buggered I couldn't pay it) we had a great hour long catch up chat and today I managed to call a good friend in SL & talk with him for an hour, he's been having a rough few days so I was glad that I could speak with him & get a chance to catch up.

So aside from all that excitement the only other really important news to remind you all about is that Thursday is my 29th birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!! I accept cash, checks, money orders, donations of any sort, just leave a comment & I'll let you know where to send them :)

Well my feet are starting to get really cold & I still have to help dad install his digital camera software, so I'm gonna get going, tarra xx

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Friday, January 19

An Inconvenient Truth

So I can't recall if I told you about this movie or not, I watched it with mom while I was in Portland visiting her. Anne, John & Matt had all seen it & recommended it so I figured it had to be good & it was. Here is the link should you care to find out more about it. Personally I think everyone should watch it, wether they are a Gore fan or not, but then again that's just my opinion.

Well it's almost 11am & I should get ready to get my day started (aka get outta the house). On today's agenda is to hook up Matt's cell phone, call about Anne & Matt's W-2 forms, wash the sheets, and drive to dad's house. Sounds like fun, no????

To the one who shall remain nameless, I must admit I'm impressed you're reading my blog & I'm frustrated with London making me find this crap more than I am with you, just misdirected frustration the other day.

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Thursday, January 18

GM hens lay eggs that attack cancer

Thanks to Zee, who is interested in this cool article because she was diagnosed with MS this past year. For those of you who know nothing about this disease, here are a few interesting facts, from the MS Society. MS is is a condition of the central nervous system and probably the most common disabling neurological condition affecting young adults. It is most often diagnosed in people between the ages of 20 and 40, with women almost twice as likely to develop it as men. Why is it called MS you ask, well 'Multiple' refers to the many different areas of the central nervous system that may have damaged myelin while the word 'sclerosis' comes from the Greek 'skleros' meaning hard and in MS, hard areas called plaques, lesions or scars develop around the nerves. If you need more info please check out their website, Multiple Sclerosis Society of the UK.

Plus I have to take this opportunity to plug one of my new PJs I got for Christmas this pair was from Anne & John. My other coolio ones came from my sister, but sadly, I don't have a link to them.

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Pete's awesome photo

Take a look at this photo I think it's fantastic!!!

I'm off to take Dan to the New Haven train station so he can get himself up to Boston & then I think I will head over to Verizon Wireless & see about hooking up Matt's new phone (aka mom's old phone) - Mom he says thanks a million!

TTFN . . .


Wednesday, January 17


thinking of things to write is kinda hard when I've done bugger all since I last posted.

I don't think I've told you about the annoyance of my credit card number being stolen & used, BUT the wonderful folks at Bank of America caught it & have cancelled that card & sent me a new one :)

I spent most of the weekend watching american football (Go Pats!!) Dan arrived on Saturday so I got to hang out with him as well, which is cool since I haven't seen him in about a year & he's getting married on Feb 17th to the wonderful Julie - congrats!!!

Other minor things I've had to do which have been kinda annoying is tracking down paperwork for my work permit - I need COPIES of my diploma from Norwich, I'm sure is packed safely away in one of the million boxes in my storage unit in upstate NY, so I'm leaving Friday to head up to find it - ugh that is a waste of gas, time & energy (to top it all off doesn't the weather have to become freezing cold when I need to search through boxes). Someone who shall remain nameless, who lives very near to the boxes is apparently unable to look through them for me, find it, scan it & email it to me, which annoys me, but I'm over it now.

Showed up to the doctor's today & apparently they were going to do blood work but didn't remind me to fast so now I have to go back next Wednesday - another minor annoyance in my lil world.

My friend Matt will be moving into his place a week from this Sunday (day after my big party!!) & I'm guessing I'll be invited to help him move & set up. Not too bad since I kinda like to set up kitchens & arrange furniture & I know that his friends will have to carry all the heavy stuff so I'll just sorta stand around & "bark orders", not really but it sounded good!

Okay, off to read my newest book, London by Edward Rutherfurd, I'm only on page 32 but so far so good!!

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Thursday, January 11

LA Gallexy

The LA Galaxy are getting an over rated pompous arse, but that's just my humble opinion!!

In other exciting news, I've got nothing aside from the fact that I watched the UConn basketball game last night (they lost by 6 to Marquette) with my friend Johnny, by candle light no less b/c the lights were reflecting on the tv screen & making both of us annoyed. When Anne came out to check on us she worried that she'd lost me to the world of sports, but I assured her if she'd offered to go shopping I would have jumped up from the chair!


Wednesday, January 10

thanks for the positive thoughts

I had my phone interview at 10am & I just checked my email to find my job offer for the Immunology Unit at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine - YEAH - it's been long process but the offer is offical now & we are just awaiting work permit paper work & approval.

Tuesday, January 9

24 hours from now

I should know more about my future. My phone interview is tomorrow morning. Will def update as soon as I have something to tell ya'll.

Got my new filling today & amazingly it didn't hurt, even when they gave the Novicain (always a plus) the down side was that I was hungry around 1pm & the numbness was still going strong, so I had some hot chocolate until I could feel my cheek & not bite it, then I had some cheese & crackers. I've also accomplished a few other things such as, sending out 10 emails I've been meaning to send for awhile but kept forgetting, watered the plants, filled dishwasher/ran it/emptied it, made some birthday e-cards, calling the Town of North Hudson Court to figure out my ticket, and preparing a few papers for my interview tmr (remember wish me luck & keep positive thoughts coming my way around 10amEST, please & thank you!!)

Tonight I think Anne & I are going shoe shopping - not that I need shoes, but Anne needs shoes to match the dress she's wearing to a wedding on Feb 17th in San Antonio, TX.

So you ask what have I done since I last posted??!?! Well I watched
this last night & was uber excited to see the outcome since I'm a huge underdog fan (right mom??) Satruday I slept until 1pm forgetting I was still on west coast time and had a chix parm grinder for dinner & Sunday I woke up at a decent hour & flipped between watching football (yeah Pats & Eagles!!) & movies all afternoon ending the day with a junior bacon cheese burger from Wendy's (not my choice but my credit card has been cancelled due to illegal transactions & I had no cash so I had to rely on others who were on their way home)

I'm off to "watch" (really just read the updates every 2 minutes) the Liverpool v Arsenal match on BBC's website since it's the Carling Cup Quarter Finals (it's about 17 minutes into the game, no score yet)

P.S. Guess what is only 15 days 8 hours 52 minutes and 41 seconds away??

Saturday, January 6

2007 blogger of the year

I'm such a loser, I'm watching the Liverpool v Arsenal game on BBC website (0-2 so far) so I don't have anything really excititng to report, will update later if I do, but in the mean time, if you'd like to vote for your favourite bloggers check out this site & vote:

Friday, January 5

off to CT

Well I'm getting ready to head to the airport, along the way mom & I are going to have dinner, since I don't have to be at the airport till 8.45pm!
I will miss Mr. Henrietta Pushy-Pants (aka Henry) and Mr. Quiddle-diddle Little Pants (aka Quid) as I've renamed them during this trip and also miss my mom, it's been great to have so much time to spend with her since soon (hopefully) I will be rather far away.
Okay I'm outtie . . . Tarra & toddle-pip, xx

Thursday, January 4

job interview

SOOOOOOO I just heard from my potential future boss (fingers crossed) and I'm going to have my interview next Wednesday at 10am EST (3pm GMT) and I've just emailed my application to the school :) :) so it's all official!!!!!!!!!

sooooo next wednesday keep positive thoughts coming my way PLEASE!!!!

Here are a few photos I just found, starting with my arrival back in the US & trips to visit Aunt Jinny & Pete


Shopping Spree

Well I just wrote out a huge long post & blogger lost it, you can imagine the words I was saying outloud to mom when it occurred! I will try to come up with everything I'd written.

So as I was telling you earlier in my morning post, mom & I were going shopping today, not a favourite past time for either of us, truth be told, but something that we had to get done.

First stop was Yuki Japanese Restaurant, where we eat a lunch of spicy salmon roll with scallions, "Boston Fire" (spicy yellowtail, radish leaves), and a "Big Easy" (salmon, yellowtail, tuna, radish leaves, and avacado) - yummers!!!

Next stop was the Lloyd Center Mall, after parking we entered into Nordstrom, via the shoe dept, which turned into a purchase of Puma shoes for me. Next was the Point of View section to check out some Calin Klein jeans, ended in a purchase for me again :) Finally to the purse/makeup section where I saw some outrageously ugly & over priced bags, but did find some of these:
"idol eyes", "girlie" and "honey lust" eye shadows
Posted by Picasa here are the eye shadows & makeup remover wipes (which we tested in the store)
From there we headed into the main part of the mall to check out the sales at Old Navy, where I found a long sleeve shirt for $4.95 & a pair of green trousers for $12.95 . . . how can you go wrong?!?!? After that we decided it might be time to head home, on our way out of the mall we did however browse through Macy's kitchen & dish section and took a much longer "break" at Sharper Image where we tried out the new iSqueeze foot/ankle/leg massager, which we both gave an A++ rating on it's features. The final diversion from the exit was the Cinnabun where we each got a bite size bun. We sat & eat our buns while watching the skaters below & then made a mad dash to exit before getting side tracked once more, especially seeing as it was 3.54pm.

On the way home we hit up QFC to get meat for our hamburger dinner. Aside from that it's been a pretty boring day - LMAO - as if that was a boring day!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 3

what is wrong with our country

A rainy day here in Portland has forced me to read the national news, which after reading this article which makes me sad & happy that I'm not in HS anymore and this somewhat funny article, not funny about the confusion, just funny that the CNN could make such a screw up and then I came across this one which pissed me off because who the hell are we to tell another country how to hang someone - they don't tell us how to run our executions, why do we get the right to tell them how to do theirs?!?!?! If you're ready for a good laugh after all those articles check this one out, mom & I nearly wet ourselves reading it. And finally, here is an interesting article to check out.

Well after all that reading I think it's time to go shopping, we have to pick up my framed MSc diploma, fax a letter, attempt to find some jeans I like, and get something to eat for dinner. We're all set on the movie front, yesterday we watched, Muriel's Wedding, and Brokeback Mountain. Both of which were really good movies, Muriel's Wedding is super funny & an Aussie movie so that's always cool to see!! Today we have Regarding Henry, The Squid & the Whale, and An Inconvenient Truth. Okay, we're off shopping . . .

Tuesday, January 2


This photo of Me & Patty I just love so I'm reposting it (it is in the slide show from the other night)
Here are mom's AA friends I was talking about who arrived around 6.30pm local time in their RV. (LtoR) Francisco, Julio, Rupe, mom, Jeremy, Matt, Riley, and Sojourn (front row) Posted by Picasa

It was really cool to get to see all these guys, we had chips, salsa, cheese (Zee I got to try that goat cheese that you liked so much - YUM!!!) & crackers with water & pineapple juice. After a quick catch up we walked around the corner to the Blind Onion Pizza & Pub, filling up all of their seats in the "dining area". Played a bit of trivial persuit while TN & NM played connect four (Tennessee beat New Mexico 2 times - go Matt :)


Monday, January 1

OMSI adventures

Mom, Patty, Matt & I went to the OMSI today, what fun! We saw the Antartica IMAX movie then the Black Holes: The Other Side of Infinity in the planetarium. After the "movie" section of our day was done we then entered the main attraction area, where we visited the "Chemistry Lab" where you must always wear your googles, we learned about flame colours, temperatures, production of gas, then onto the "Physics Lab" where we learned about magnets and sound. We then took a trip into the "earthquake house" to feel the Portland earthquake (5.6) in 1997 and the Seattle (6.8) of 2001, not bad in that situtation, but in my own house I would totally freak out!! I remember that earthquake we felt a few years ago while I was up in Potsdam visiting my sis for the weekend. From there we checked out the infared section of the museum, we put our hands on cold & hot shapes then stood in front of the camera to see the cool shapes & colours - really rather neat if you ask me.

Now we're ordering dinner from the Newport Seafood Grill and we're going to eat at home since mom has AA friends from New Mexico, who are suppose to be driving through the area around 6pm on their way from Seattle back home. She hasn't seen them in over a year & we haven't seen them in over 2 years. We're getting coconut prawns, grilled halibut, filet mignon, garlic mashed, asperagus & green beans.

new look

New yeas photos from BBC.

So as most if not all of you know I'm NOT big on computers, but I sorta wanted a new look for my blog, with my lack of knowing what I'm doing I have to rely on the blogger templates, so do you like this new look? I can always go back to the old one if people are not happy, I'm not sold on it yet either!

I think we're off to the
OMSI today, that is if Patty & Matt ever call us. I know we were up late last night and all but it's 10.30 in the morning, they should at least be semi awake to accept a phone call!!!!!

Romanians & Bulgarians are excited today and in health news today this is kinda cool, aside from that I've got nodda for now . . .

2007 Goals

1. Get a job and possibly a work permit (if needed)

2. Get stuff out of at least one storage unit (US or UK)

3. Visit some countries I've never been to in Europe.

Peacock Lane

On the way to Zee's house mom & I got a wee bit lost, during which time Jim called from London to wish me a happy new year, since it was 20 to 12 his time. We had a good chat while mom looked for the correct address. We finally found her apt, after she came out & flagged us down - it was rather funny - lol - if I do say so myself. Mom & I got a tour of her place & got to visit with Miss Rennie before we left to go downtown to the movie theatre.

So after seeing The Queen movie (which was really good btw), we came back to mom's house & picked up Patty, Matt & Mom and went to dinner. We eat at the Alameda Cafe, the food on the most part was good a bit salty, but the dessert was fantastic, it was marionberry cobbler - yummers! I of course had 5 sips of soup & a wee taste of everyone else's dinner & dessert.

After dinner we went to see the
lights of Peacock Lane check out the photo gallery to see what we saw since none of us had a camera with us. Thanks Zee for the tip on that one!! On the way there we called Dad since it was 9pm Portland time to wish him a happy 2007, but apparently we were 2 minutes early so they were awaiting the ball dropping in Time Square, from the comfort of a house in NJ.

Now the big decision . . . wait up till midnight or not?!?!?! Course I should since Jan 1, 2007 marks just 24 days till one of the best days of the year, me birthday - I know that's not proper English, but it's a joke amoung friends, which I will now attempt to tell but it might not make the same impression over a blog entry but here goes:

Susan, Louise, Rob & I were standing in the enterance to the Kentish Town tube cause it was chuckin it down with rain, we were saying good bye to Susan & we were all talking, I heard Rob with his strong Irish accent say, miss-you & I thought it was rather abrupt & random but I replied, Miss you too Rob, to which he said no, "Me shoe, the beer spilled on me shoe". We were all in hysterics at this point. Now if that doesn't sound so funny, say outloud, meshoe, all as one word & with your best Irish accent & imagine lots of background rain noise, you'll note it sorta sounds like miss you. If not, sorry I warned you it might not work as well when reading.

Well now that I've been fussing with this blog entry for nearly 20 minutes, I think I will stop here, as you can see I don't have anythign earth shattering to report. Guess I should be working on my new years resolutions!!!!!

Happy New Year Sydney, London, NYC and almost Tennessee, Wisconson, and Minnesota!!

The Queen

Soooo I'm meeting up with Zee at 4.40pm & we're going to the early showing of The Queen, then we are meeting up with mom, Patty, & Matt for dinner at the Alameda Cafe.

Aside from that not much is new, the Invincible (movie I mentioned in last nights blog) was prettry darn good considering it was a Disney movie, it's more of a young adult/adult film, if you enjoyed Rudy you would enjoy this one as well.

Year in review photos are kinda cool to look at

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