Saturday, October 13

any minute now

Tash & Rob will show up & we'll start loading all of my crap into their car & I'll officially be moving to Tufnell Park . . . btw moving sucks sucks sucks!!!!! Course on my way to get the keys the road is closed AGAIN, so we had to go on a diversion, so I'm hoping the traffic doesn't get too backed up since then & that we can swiftly get this crappy part of the day over with!!!!!!!!!!

In Happy News, my college roommate my first year at Norwich, Jenn got engaged last night to Dave & so I wanted to wish them congratulations!!!!!!!!!!! It's also Jenn's 28th birthday this weekend, so Happy Birthday girlfriend! And a bit late but my blogging mate Jen got married back in Sept, so I wanted to wish her & Trav congratulations as well . . . what is it with that name?!?!?!

oh just got a txt message, Tash & Rob missed the exit off the north circular, so they'll be about 10 minutes, gonna post this & get my rear in gear!

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