Thursday, September 8

Back state side

So I've been back in the good old USofA for 19 hours now and all I can say is how much I'm missing Rwanda.  Every time I leave, I miss it more and more.  This was only my third time there, but boy oh boy was it just as amazing as the first time I was there.

What made this trip stand out was being a tour guide for 6 Americans who'd never been to Rwanda before.  Being able to share this wonderful country and amazing people with them was great.  I guess in the back of my mind I had worried, what if they don't fall in love with the country the way I am . . . what if they find the trip boring . . . what if they're not impressed with the red colour of the soil or the beauty of the people, but luckily for me, every one of our travellers LOVED the trip!

I will try to upload a few more photos later this week for you all to enjoy, but no promises about when that will be as the jet lag has not kicked in yet . . . fingers crossed it won't at all, but I sorta know that's not the way jet lag works (LOL)

Thanks again to all my US travellers who joined Vicky & me in Rwanda for the past 8 days.  For those of you who didn't join us but would like to know more about the work we do, please visit


Monday, September 5

Cassava Farming

learning about cassava farming

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basket weaving photo

My attempt at weaving a Rwandan basket . . . takes this lady 1 week to make a small one - would have taken me more like 3 months!!

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Sunday, September 4

Another Photo update from Rwanda

 300 cupcakes + 300 sodas + 275 children = amazing day!
 Loving their cupcakes & Toucan straws thanks to Mies!!
 Ives, me and Alice
 The "gang" at Claudine's house
Itafari's country director, Christophe and Itafari president/co-founder Vicky

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Sunday Sept 4th Update

So I'm having trouble uploading photos, but I will continue to try.  Today we spent the morning at Christ Gospel Church in Kimironko with Pastor Francis.  Then we had lunch at Chez Lando in Remera.  The late afternoon was spent at Claudine's new house with everyone enjoying Fanta l'orange sodas :)  Now we are back home (Iris Guest House) and will leave for dinner in about 30 minutes - we're going to Khazana Kahzan.  In the mean time I will post this blog & try to get a few more photos added so you can see all the beautiful places I have been!!

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 my dear brother Arthur & I trekking the gorillas
hold up your straw if you love it

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Saturday, September 3

Party for the Children

Sorry it has been nearly a week since I last wrote, but my days have been hectic, yet wonderful!  We have done many things!

Tuesday our visitors arrived.  Wednesday morning we went on the city tour of Kigali and in the afternoon we went into the Eastern Province to see some cattle and rice co-operatives.  Thursday we went to Kigali Parent's School in the morning and taught some classes.  Thursday afternoon half of the group left with Christophe, Arthur and me.  We drove to Musanze for the night so that we would be close to the gorilla trekking starting point.  Friday morning we left at 6:30am to go watch some traditional dancing followed by trekking up the volcano to see the gorilla family.  Today we had a party for the sponsored children.

Tomorrow we go to Millennium Village near Nyamata which is an all day event.  Tuesday we will go to visit the women who weave the baskets at Gahaya Links before getting on an airplane and headed home :(

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