Tuesday, May 29

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

This "holiday" is always a tough one for me - people celebrate with family and BBQ, but I fear often forget about the reason why we have a 3 day weekend.  Not just to hang out and have fun, but to remember those people who have served and are still currently serving in our military, hence Memorial Day.  It is thanks to people like them that I do not have to serve or be drafted!

My paternal grandfather served in the Australian Merchant Marines and I went to a private military college, so I know lots of people who have served and would love to list them all here, but that would take forever and I'm sure like the 7 dwarfs I would forget just one and feel horrible when I realised whom I had left off my list.  Instead I will just give you a quick update on my weekend, which turns out was spent with lots of veterans!

Friday I went to UMass Memorial Hospital to visit my friend Matt (Air Force)  mum, Judy.  I got there around 2pm and stayed until he arrived.  Around 6pm we both left to go home so we could shower before meeting up for dinner with his friend Ned.  After dinner we went to pick up Matt's brother, Chris (Marine) for a drink at a local bar while we waited for our friend Kelly and two of her coworkers to be ready to meet up.  The girls decided they wanted to go dancing, so we went to Jose Murphy’s – where I relearned how much I dislike the college bar scene!  Saw my college intern at this place, luckily he didn’t see me!  So after awhile we left there, went back to Matt’s house where we had all met and drove home.

Saturday morning I went to see Judy again in the morning and then met my mum at Azteca restaurant for her birthday lunch.  Then we went to look at my new apartment, well the display unit, but she got the idea of the layout and such.  Then went to movies, saw The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel (follows a group of British retirees who decide to "outsource" their retirement to less expensive and seemingly exotic India) Then we had a late dinner of Thai food.

Sunday we went for brunch at Cafe Manzi which by the way is a fabulous place!  I had eggs benedict and it was deliscious - they had some of the best home fries I've ever eaten!  We then went to the Greendale Mall in search of a Pandora like necklace - we were very unsuccessful, but we did manage to find a new phone cover for my iPhone so that made me happy :)  We considered going else where go look, but then decided Wooberry Frozen Yoghurt was a better choice and we were not wrong!  Mum left shortly after that to head back to New York. Around 4pm my friend Ben (Navy) and girlfriend Lauren arrived.  Afte giving them a quick tour of my flat, we went over to the Marine Corps League for a quick drink.  There I ran into two more Marines, Ray and Jon.  We only had time for a quick drink, but it was great to see friends whom I hadn't planned on seeing :)  We then went to visit Judy and Matt met up with us there.  After about an hour visit, we went out to Funky Murphy's for dinner and then home to sleep, we were all exhausted!

Monda, Ben, Lauren and I went to breakfast at Brody's Diner and then over to Matt’s house.  We then were trying to think of a place to go be outside and have a drink - we were struggling, when suddenly Matt made a brilliant idea of going over toBuca di Beppo, so off we went.  We were able to sit out on their outdoor deck drinking and have appetizers till 5pm.  I then dropped Ben and Lauren off at their car, so they could go hom.  Matt and I proceeded to UMass Memorial for another visit with Judy.  Finally at 8:15pm, I whispered to Matt I really needed to get going - I was exhausted and still had to go back to his house to drop him off, so we said our goodbyes and home we went - where I think we both crashed early!

All in all a great weekend - though I don't think I hung out with any of my Army friends, but I'm hoping they'll forgive me, especially as I hung out with lots of Marines ;-)

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