Saturday, October 20

comments needed for this one

okay, my blogger mate Jen (see side bar for link, too lazy to link it meself) asked everyone to comment on what's in their bag, so I pose the question to all of you . . .

I'll start off with what's in my bag, in no particular order, just what I see first:
- mobile phone
- keys to my current flat, keys to my old flat, TESCOs customer card tag, mini flashlight
- mail to be returned to sender
- Jodi Picoult’s book Perfect Match (not a fav, but gotta finish it)
- Aveda Hand creme
- Extra spearmint gum (3 of 25 pieces left)
- keys to Jim & Rob’s house for when they get locked out or i’m in need of a place to hide
- umbrella (we all know it rains a lot in London)
- 4 plasters (what American’s would call band-aids)
- 2 old cinema tickets to Ratatouille
- mini Kleenex pack
- £1.94 in random change
- mini A to Z for London
- ID badge for Imperial College & London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (I now have labs at both locations, which btw are 30 minutes on public transport away from each other, causing me headaches!)
- spare keys to me new flat
- opticrom allergy eye drops
- 2 tampons
- silver pen
- 1 US credit card
- 1 US HSBC bank card
- 1 UK HSBC bank card
- Alphatelecom int’l calling card
- Irish shamrock good luck card
- Indian take away receipt from Friday
- £5 note and £3.58 in change in my purse
- broken necklace from 2 Friday’s ago
- neutrogena lip gloss
- purple pen

and that sums it up for today . . . actually sounds like I'm ready to clean it out!!!!!!!!!

In other news I've decided I need boy muscles to make me bed . . . get your minds outta the gutter, what I mean is that I'm not strong enough to tighten the screws all the way. I've got 2 night side tables looking like they're good to go, but not really usable & tomorrow morning me co-worker Karen is coming over to help me with the dresser, bed, and wardrobe (this was arranged before I realised I would need bigger boy muscles to finish the project).

Today I went to see Hairspray the movie and I have to say I really enjoyed it. Jaiden & I met up at the Prince Charles Cinema (ya know the one where tickets are only £4.50!!!, what deal considering prices in central London are normally £12-14, yes that's correct about $28)

I avoided going to the pub today as tonight was the WRC finals where England and South Africa square off . . . I cannot reveal the score since some of my readers might want to see the match and since I didn't even bother to watch it, I just checked the scores on BBC Sports page. Alls I can say is I'm glad I'm inside & not out at a pub b/c there are a lot of supports from both sides & I could see it getting rather crazy now that the match is over and one team has been defeated!

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At 21 October, 2007 01:19, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

First, I carry a bookbag! Nothing short of the kitchen sink is in there...

Second...I really really need to get my mind out of the gutter because, as I read through this post and got to the part about needing "boy muscles to tighten your screws"...well...I nearly wet myself! LOL

*heading to confession right now*

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA

At 22 October, 2007 12:16, Blogger Sara said...

I use to carry a rucksac (as the brits call their backpacks) but then I found myself carrying too much crap around (not that you would think that from reading all the crap I carry now)
in NO way can I make this sound any better, so here goes: my mate rob helped me screw my bed together - LMAO!!!!

At 22 October, 2007 14:09, Anonymous Amanda said...

I just pared down my bag. I have my cell, check card, drivers license, tampon, keys, coupons to Bath & Body as well as The Limited, copious amounts of receipts, pen, hair clip, lip gloss... That's it I think!

It's a very small bag.

You gotta stop talking about screwing and Rob, it's making my uncomfortable!! :) Tee-hee.


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