Saturday, October 13

10 hours to go

no, not till my birthday, but till I get keys to my new place :) Just got back from seeing Carmen & I'm back to disliking opera, not sure what went wrong, but this "new" version had mobile phones & bored me . . . so I'm gonna stick with musicals for the time being.

course b/c I was at the opera & not at home packing I'm not completely done yet, but my mate Tash & her boyfriend Rob will be here at 11.30 to do one run with me & then I pick up my hire car at 13.30 and will do another run. Sunday my mate Shani & I will go to Milton Keynes to pick up my FREE desk and FREE stand for a telly (yes, yes I know I don't own one, no need to rub it in) . . . gotta love FREE, eh?

Sorry I haven't written much recently, I've been rather side tracked with packing/moving and my dearest mate Jim had a rather horrifying incident the other night at work (was stabbed with a dirty needle from an HIV infected drug dealer). He seems to be doing okay, but I'm not sure he's fully admitting to himself what's happened. I know he'll call/talk when he needs to & I also know (from learning the hard way) not to push him when he's not speaking! In other not so happy news, check out my mate Andrew's post about Blackwater USA. I feel a bit bad, but I agree with him. (b/c many of the people I graduated with from Norwich Uni after being commissioned into the forces, did their time & now are "switching" to civilian contracting since it pays more money)

On a happier note, for those of you who read me mum's comment on the last post, yes, it's true, I said "to-mah-to" twice the other day, instead of the American way of "to-may-to" . . . each time someone else called me on it!

Alrighty, off to bed, as I'm actually moving TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 13 October, 2007 02:51, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Po tay to, po ta to...LOL

HAPPY MOVE...wishing you clear skies and an abundance of "muscle" friends to assist!

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA

At 18 October, 2007 13:23, Blogger Sara said...

cheers my dear, will keep ya posted that's for sure


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