Tuesday, June 12

Colorado Military Spartan Sprint Race - May 5, 2012

Just realised I never blogged about my Colorado Sprint Race back in May . . . so I woke up at the butt crack of dawn to drive to Logan airport, but look how awake we look (lol)!!

I flew into Denver on Friday morning, enroute someone feels something dripping on their head . . . come to find out there was a bottle of milk for a child in the overhead container - glad I didn't have that seat!!

picked up the rental car, had some lunch and drove to Colorado Springs.  Checked out the hotel, did a bit of pre-race training (lol)

That afternoon I picked up Aja at the Colorado Springs airport - like 5 minutes from our hotel!  We spent the afternoon at packet pick up, meeting other OCRacers and just in general chillax mode.  We went to bed early in order to get a good night sleep and be ready for our RACE DAY!  This was going to be Aja's first Spartan race and turns out my college friend Jill would be joining us as well - she and her family had drive down from WY to join in the fun.
Saturday morning we wake up, have breakfast in the hotel and then head over to the base, get in line for the shuttle bus and I apparently I'm the only idiot who forgot to bring sunglasses.

 Aja, me, Jill
 me & Aja showing off our guns PRE-race!
 A great shot of the whole group PRE-race
(Kym's sister & brother in law, Jeff, Kym, me, Aja, Chris, Mies and Jill)

We take off at the 9:30am heat and within minutes realise that 80 degree temps with not a cloud in sight and the dryness of CO might be an obstacle we hadn't been able to train for!  Here is another group shot post barbed wire crawl (with guns) - Jill, Aja (pink), me, and Chris.
 On the slippery wall, I managed to tweak my knee, so I was forced to slow down a bit and be extra careful on muddy and slippery surfaces.  We did a sandbag carry up a steep hill, where I learned many people were puking, but not this Spartan Chick or any of my group for that matter :)  Luckily they had quite a few water obstacles so that helped to keep us semi cool and they also had 2 water stations and a very kind person who happen to live along the route was spraying us down with a hose (if we wanted, but let's be honest, who didn't want it?)  Just before getting out of the water pit, I noticed a camera man, so I grabbed my chicks and got a nice group shot - gotta love those white smily teeth!
Climbing out of the mud pit we realised we were nearly done - just a cargo net (which is cake easy), fire pit (my fav!!!!) and then taking on the Gladiators before crossing the FINISH LINE!!!!  It had been an obstacle intense 5 mile course - I'd not seen anything like it before, but I have to say I really enjoyed it - tested me to new limits.

After everyone had crossed the finish line, we all re-grouped for this POST race photo
Aja, me, Jill, Mies, Chris, Jeff, Kym, Kym's sis and bro-in-law.

This is probably my favorite photo from the race . . . we couldn't be any happier to have run together and finished together!!

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