Wednesday, October 10

me packing??!?!?!

Contrary to popular belief, I started packing 3 days before moving!! I know me mum & dad are about to keel over, cause any one who knows me knows I rarely ever pack ahead of time. Maureen remember the night before I flew to Key West about 2.5 years ago (just after I first met Matt) I called you to chat & suddenly realised I hadn't done a thing and it was almost 10pm and Kathy was picking me up at the airport at 4am - LOL

So I've got 6 wine boxes packed with books, DVDs, assorted crap I've accumulated & have decided to keep. Only thing left to pack is clothes, bathroom stuff & kitchen which I'll tackle tomorrow since Friday night I'm going to see Carmen, yes you read that correctly 2 operas in less than 2 weeks!! Bet that's surprise number two for this post.

Okay seeing as it's nearly 11pm here I'm off to bed.

BTW buying a goat doesn't mean you'll actually get a goat, you'll just be giving a goat to a family in need (you have to click on the pink print for the link)

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At 11 October, 2007 06:30, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

I love the labels that come up with this post: goats, opera and packing!

Good luck with the move!

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA

At 12 October, 2007 03:03, Anonymous Mommio said...

I am trying to pick myself up off the floor!!!!! You say to-mah-to and I say to-may-to--guess you're becoming a real Brit! (took me a few to figure out your phonetic system--finally got it when I said it out loud (lmao)

Love, MOM

At 13 October, 2007 00:10, Blogger Sara said...


yeah well I never really learned phonetics when I was younger, that or I just never was properly taught (probably the latter seeing it was an American public school system)

At 13 October, 2007 00:10, Blogger Sara said...


glad you enjoy my labels, since we all know the content is a bit crap these days - LOL


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