Thursday, September 8

Back state side

So I've been back in the good old USofA for 19 hours now and all I can say is how much I'm missing Rwanda.  Every time I leave, I miss it more and more.  This was only my third time there, but boy oh boy was it just as amazing as the first time I was there.

What made this trip stand out was being a tour guide for 6 Americans who'd never been to Rwanda before.  Being able to share this wonderful country and amazing people with them was great.  I guess in the back of my mind I had worried, what if they don't fall in love with the country the way I am . . . what if they find the trip boring . . . what if they're not impressed with the red colour of the soil or the beauty of the people, but luckily for me, every one of our travellers LOVED the trip!

I will try to upload a few more photos later this week for you all to enjoy, but no promises about when that will be as the jet lag has not kicked in yet . . . fingers crossed it won't at all, but I sorta know that's not the way jet lag works (LOL)

Thanks again to all my US travellers who joined Vicky & me in Rwanda for the past 8 days.  For those of you who didn't join us but would like to know more about the work we do, please visit



At 09 September, 2011 01:07, Blogger mary o said...

a beautiful comment and gracious as well. You're a wondergirl!

At 15 September, 2011 16:12, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i checked the blog out...great job and very impressed with your work and committment. love DAD


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