Tuesday, October 23

thanks to miss mccann for asking . . .

So Dr. Crazy is a who is driving me nuts today (and for awhile now). She's super competitive, HATES Dr. Best. She is just freakin (would use a curse word but don't want to upset anyone with my use of 4 letter words) crazy!! I can't even begin to describe it, there is only one person who can put up with her & that's her flatmate. She's been working here 3 years & blames Dr Best's poor management style on the reason she doesn't have any papers written. She was working in a lab one day & didn't even notice that the hood wasn't on (not sure how that happens, but not the point) so she'd been making stocks of bugs with out any airflow so there was HUGE potential for her to be infected & it was only b/c of Dr. Elegant coming over to ask her a question & noticing the hood was off that they got outta the lab - she was ban from the cat 3 for 6 months after that. She's just a fruit . . . what can I say? She's always saying how she's the professional in the lab, but then minutes later she bursts into tears over just about anything. I don't like to be negative as she is actually seeing a therapist, but for goodness sakes get ahold of yourself woman!! We all have shit going on in our lives & we come to work just like you do. I so badly wanna say, "shut the F up Dr Crazy, not like you've got a terminal illness or homeless or starving to death" but in reality I KNOW it would only shut her up for a few seconds. Everything is about her annoys me today, nothing is every her fault . . . okay I have to stop as I could go on & on & on for hours, days, weeks probably, and to be honest you don't really wanna hear about it - she's just a freakin bint/cow/annoying bugger!



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