Tuesday, October 30

checkin in on the slow road to recovery

I was so knackered after working yesterday & then cooking dinner that I ended up just popping a DVD in (A Few Good Men) and went to bed - only to be woken up by Rob at 20.30 wanting to stop in to get his bag, so I quickly got dressed since I knew he was working & worried he might be bringing up a colleague (which he did) so it all went off without a hitch, but then I went back to bed after that.

In case you care, last night I made hamburgers & put mild taco powder mix in the mince & it was really good also had broccoli & cauliflower - yummers - had leftover as well so I'm havin it for lunch today too :)

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At 30 October, 2007 12:50, Anonymous susiej said...

OK, now I'm sick. I'm drinking apple cider vinegar -- and I think it takes about two days for it to kick in. But, I think I'm going to do the neti pot, with tea tree oil today. And LOTS of tea. Broccoli sounds good right now.

Glad you got dressed!

At 30 October, 2007 16:58, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Oh, dear one! I'm sorry the road to recovery is full of mandatory rest stops for you...I do hope you are feeling back to your old self in no time!

I AM rather surprised "they" don't make you blow your nose in a petri dish at YOUR job just to see what grows! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA

At 30 October, 2007 22:16, Blogger Carmi said...

I'm so glad you're feeling better, Sara. I HATE when friends aren't well. It depresses me!

And, no, I have no idea where October went. Time's moving too fast for my preference these days. Like the proverbial merry-go-round rider, I want it to slow down so I can get off for a bit and take a rest.

At 31 October, 2007 16:09, Blogger Sara said...

hope I didn't give it to you (lol) but hope the apple cider vinegar trick works for ya!

I'm glad they don't make be blow my nose into a petri dish - I'd quite for sure!

Here's to a slower November!!


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