Thursday, January 31

Glad to be alive

Walking into work today with my mate Maeve & I were just outside the tube station when I said something like, "wow that crane is scarey" (it had a wooden pallet with 6 sand bags on it.) As we started to walk by it we heard crackling noises then a large crack & knew the pallet was breaking, so we tried to run, but being rush hour outside a tube station we could only move about a foot forward. As we turned around to look what was behind us we saw all the bags of sand "exploded" on the ground around us. So if we'd been a second later, it could have been our heads!!

We didn't stop to talk to anyone, just kept on going with our hearts beating at about 100mph!!

My mate Dave reckons we should go get lotto tickets considering how lucky we are - if only I wasn't so cheap I might actually do it . . .

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Tuesday, January 29

Sad to Report

I'll start off with the not so depressing news - there is still time to leave Carmi a comment on his Caption This 55 - thanks PCS and Ms. Cheesewiz for already participating!

I just found out a mate of mine (DL) has to have surgery on a brain tumour on Thursday. I've been a bit outta the loop so it came as a rather large surprise to me!
Here is what the email said:

Spoke with Don and Tricia last night and unfortunately (as I'm sure we were expecting) the news ain't good. The tumor has grown back with a vengeance and has developed a "hot spot". He's having Pre-Op testing today and the surgery is scheduled for the 31st. Because of the location (now) of the tumor and the areas it's impinging on, the surgery will be a balancing act between trying to get as much of the tumor as they can without causing major damage to his speech and motor control.

Another issue involves the ventricles (areas that collect and distribute CSF-cerebral spinal fluid). They are getting blocked and need to be opened up or too much fluid collects and compresses the brain from the inside out (Hydrocephalus). And after he gets thru the surgery (which they're bringing in another surgeon in addition to his original one) he'll be looking at Radiation and Chemo.

So, keep them in your prayers (lots of them), call to offer moral support and I'll let you know what's going on when I find out (of course if you hear something please let me know).

I met DL probably back in the summer of 1995. I was working at Camp Read & he was one of the many volunteers involved with the camp. He also had a son who was a few years younger than me and over the years we all hung out together. DL is a wonderful man with a heart of gold. He's already been through a lot - only a few years ago he lost his son unexpectedly. It was hard for all of us to deal with, but to nobodies surprise a few short weeks after it DL was showing up for work weekends & giving 110% like he always had. There is now a memorial for Anthony at the camp.

Don - your in my thoughts & prayers - all the best mate & don't worry about getting home in time for the Superbowl party - I'm sure the hospital has a telly you can watch!

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Monday, January 28

favour PLEASE

I don't often ask for much from my (two) readers, but could you please do me the favour & go over to Carmi's blog Written Inc and leave him a comment caption (you can mention I sent you if you'd like)

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Saturday, January 26

30th birthday photos

So last night I had my b'day party & the following people showed up, below are a few photos as well. Rob, Gabby, Steve, Jim, Rebekah, Shani, Andy B, Andy T, Nim, Bianca, Maria, Dan, Kirsty, Anita, Anna, Maeve, Jackie, Cath, Gen, Gareth, Claire, Giulia & her boyfriend (forgotten his name) and me. The bar staff were all there as well, Ray, Rose, Logan, Magda, and Hugo. So that makes a total of 29 persons! me, bianca & jackie
anna & me

me, jackie & maeve

dan, me & anita

rob, me, jim & rebekah

shani & me

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Friday, January 25

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday dear us,
Happy Birthday to us!!

"us" being MissyLou (25) and me (30)
(and anyone else born on this wonderful day!)

all that worrying & I feel exactly the same as I did yesterday when I was still in my 20s . . . guess that's a good thing :)


Thursday, January 24

ONLY 1.5 hours

until my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2 hours & 45 minutes . . .

remain until my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay I'm going a bit over board but this paper I chose to present is tiring so I needed the break & now I'm going home, especially since I have to be over at Imperial at 8am - nice birthday present from work, eh?


only 8 hours and 45 minutes

until my 30th birthday - YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!

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As some of you may recall at Christmas Missy Lou & I were speaking about GIANTmicrobes, I've found a few I liked & wanted to share them with you:

Well that's all for now - I'm off to bed as it is 01.05!!!!

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Wednesday, January 23

simple solutions

so I have a simple solution for this couple, take it off whilst on the bus!

Rest in peace Heath Ledger

Monday, January 21

Friday night photos

Had a wonderful chat with my mate Zee in PDX a few minutes ago & suddenly remembered I'd forgotten to post my photos from Friday's Sing-a-Long and Jim's 35th birthday drinks . . . kirsty getting nunned up
cath & maeve with edelweiss

me & jim fighting over a tenner


The Count as never seen before

Happy Birthday Mrs. Nephew

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Mrs. Nephew,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Friday was a blast, the sing-a-long is hysterical & I got a few photos of us dressed as nuns (aka us wearing pillow cases). We laughed through the whole thing whilst belting out all of the songs, good fun was had by all!

After that I legged it up to Camden to meet Jim at the pub, which was actually closing as I walked in so we went down to the Camden Arms with Rose, Ray, and Julie (all bar staff at The Camden Tup) where we stayed till they closed & on to the Oh Bar on the high street we went. Next thing I knew it was late, we were knackered, Jim was hungry so off to catch the bus we went.

Got the internet installed on Saturday along with cable, but they couldn't do the phone line as they "forgot" their ladder & phone cables - now who shows up to install a phone line with out the proper cables I ask you? WTF is up with that?!?!?!? Really chaps my arse, I sat at home all day waiting for this & now I have to wait again on February 1st - Ugh!

Sunday I spent the day catching up on Grey's Anatomy's which I'd been missing since I didn't have an internet connection - now I'm caught up & sad about the writers strike - I NEED to know what's going to happen next (lol)

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Thursday, January 17

sing-a-long & 35th

Nothing truly exciting to report - still raining, been working etc etc - but i am looking forward to this weekend for the following reasons:

  1. Friday night I'm going to The Sound of Music Sing-a-long with my mates Kirsty, Maeve, and Dan.
  2. Saturday Virgin Media is coming to connect my cable, phone & Internet
  3. Sunday I have bugger all I have to do since my couch and chair are assembled, so I might just veg out on them & spend all day flipping through all my hundreds of stations on the telly!

Okay, I got nottin else, sorry

Tuesday, January 15

rain rain wind & more rain

look at this crap weather!

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Monday, January 14

Make up a word Contest

After a long internet conversation with my wonderful old (as in not my boss anymore, nothing to do with age) boss from Saranac Lake - I'm holding a contest to see who can come up with the best word for people in America who are what the British call "chav". Here is our communications throughout the day so you can better understand the population I'm speaking about or you can also click here to see the wikipedia definition and thanks to them we also have this lovely picture to share with you :
PCS said...
Are there Chav's in the USA or is this currently a British phenomenon
11 January, 2008 20:54

Sara said...
yeah there are chav's in the states, i'm just not sure what they're called - sorta white trashy, but yet different - i just know it when i see it, PLUS the word chav is just so awesome, so i'd hope the word the us uses is as good
14 January, 2008 10:26

PCS said...
But different from the people that hang around Stewarts?
14 January, 2008 14:05

Sara said...
yes, as the people at Stewart's aren't quite it either, but that's about the best one yet & do you have a name for those type of people?
14 January, 2008 14:50

PCS said...
Ummm, maybe we can have a contest to determine a good name for them. The younger set of Stewarts people seem to have taken over the little pavillion across the street. There really are two separate groups. The older lottery ticket buying, cigarette smoking crowd and the younger single mother crowd that hang out across the street (who will likely become the lottery ticket buying, cigarette smokers of the future).When we visited Boston last November we stopped at a downtown Dunken Donuts. The door was opened for us by a young, fairly well-dressed, British guy who wished us a great day as he held out a cup for spare change. Is that close?
14 January, 2008 16:26

Sara said...
Nope, they don't ask for money but the younger single mom group is more what i'm talking about - that "too kool for skool" mentality to go with the "I'm entitled to do what I want" attitude they seem to have acquired(not sure where it comes from, but they've got it) - they can't be bothered to open a door for you & if you open it & don't walk through fast enough they're likely to push through & then give you a dirty look if you bump them by accident - but I'm not speaking about BIG thug types, these can also be skinny trashy-types as well. I think the young stewart's group is the best analogy yet!
14 January, 2008 16:50

So please try to come up with a name for this group of people in America - be creative!!

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Thursday, January 10


To all of you who were asking me what a "chav" was when I was home & I had a hard time describing it - here is a good link, I almost think the photos (of which they have 31) speak more than the 136 definitions they give, but I do like the first 7 definitions.

Can any of you who know the word give any better explanations - I find it rather hard to define - I just know it when I see it!!


Wednesday, January 9

a few photos for your enjoyment - I hope

Store street decorations
girl dancing/flipping around whilst dangling from a helium balloon in covent garden
Jackie, Kirsty, me and Tash at Kirsty's goodbye party at work
(John, Helena, and Quentin in the back)

Dad waiting patiently at the table for dinner to begin

Patty, Dave, me, Brenda, Mom & Quid

tree up & lights on

the fam on christmas morning

sunset seen whilst on the ferry between Vermont & New York

my car tracks after getting about 5" of snow - isn't our house cute!

Pete, Patty, Matt, me, Louise, Jeremy, Tim & Kate just after midnight on NYE

Sylwia, Maya & me

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Friday, January 4

NY bound again

After nearly freezing to death yesterday here in Connecticut (12F) I'm off to Yonkers later today, then on to London on Monday.