Saturday, October 6

what's your opinion?

Sexy or not?

Nissan's ball-shaped electric car has the ability to squeeze into tight parking spots without backing up thanks to it's wheels that can turn 90 degrees with an added bonus of the seating area of the car being able to rotate in a circle, it's called the Pivo 2 (3 seat ecological car) and will be shown at Tokyo's auto show this month. Only downfall is that Nissan says even though it's fully working it is still too expensive to go commercial.

Update from 19.28:
Alls I can say about the rugby (since I promised I wouldn't say scores or details that would give it away) is it's well worth watching the England v Aussie match, I of course missed it being at work, but I read the 5 minute updates on the computer & I'm sad I missed it.

While at work I organised to hire a car for next weekend's big move - YEAH! Now I really need to get my rear in gear & pack the crap in my room up & the kitchen & bathroom stuff as well.

Off to read the 5 minute updates on the New Zealand v France game, go All Blacks (my god-father is a kiwi, so I have be faithful to them)!!!

Update from 22.41:
Just got an email from a dear mate of mine who went to LSHTM with me last year, she's just started medical school & read what she wrote: (NB don't be offended!)

"I just finished my third week of medical school here at St Georges. Did you know there are over 20 million sperm per ml of semen? And that usually 85% of them are wonky (three headed, two-tailed, directionally challenged mutants)! Silly men. Anywho so this week was all about fertilization. And its thoroughly convinced me that there is no way Ill ever manage to get pregnant! But I did get to slice up dead mens willies and poke all the complicated tubing. Ive been so fascinated about my course that last night I went to this very swishy bar ... swishy as in there wasnt even an entrance, you had to know which unmarked door to enter and inside there was a modest reception desk, then you entered an opulent den of extravagant cocktails with twice frozen ice that was hand-chiseled. And so there I am in my 4in pink suede heels and the classiest dress I own and cant stop telling people about average sperm counts. I won some... I lost a lot. But I figure someone who isnt interested in human biology cant be very interesting themselves."

To which all I could reply was, "yeah you're right Mer" just thought I'd share that tid-bit of essential information to your Saturday night/Sunday morning reading :)

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At 06 October, 2007 18:34, Blogger Zee said...

Sexy's not really the word I'd use for it... :o)

I do think it's kinda cute, though. (Not cute enough that I'd buy it, but still cute.)

At 07 October, 2007 13:50, Blogger Jilly Bean said...

I vote Ugly!

At 09 October, 2007 17:10, Blogger jen said...

i love the rotating wheels for parallel parking!

turns out they aren't showing england v. australia on cable. we watched france v. new zealand last night -- great game,huh?!


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