Monday, January 21

Happy Birthday Mrs. Nephew

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Mrs. Nephew,
Happy Birthday to you!!!

Friday was a blast, the sing-a-long is hysterical & I got a few photos of us dressed as nuns (aka us wearing pillow cases). We laughed through the whole thing whilst belting out all of the songs, good fun was had by all!

After that I legged it up to Camden to meet Jim at the pub, which was actually closing as I walked in so we went down to the Camden Arms with Rose, Ray, and Julie (all bar staff at The Camden Tup) where we stayed till they closed & on to the Oh Bar on the high street we went. Next thing I knew it was late, we were knackered, Jim was hungry so off to catch the bus we went.

Got the internet installed on Saturday along with cable, but they couldn't do the phone line as they "forgot" their ladder & phone cables - now who shows up to install a phone line with out the proper cables I ask you? WTF is up with that?!?!?!? Really chaps my arse, I sat at home all day waiting for this & now I have to wait again on February 1st - Ugh!

Sunday I spent the day catching up on Grey's Anatomy's which I'd been missing since I didn't have an internet connection - now I'm caught up & sad about the writers strike - I NEED to know what's going to happen next (lol)

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At 24 January, 2008 17:10, Anonymous Anonymous said...

HEYYYYYY! I just saw this! Thanks so much!!!

-Shann (aka Mrs. Nephew)

At 24 January, 2008 17:11, Blogger Sara said...

glad you found it :)


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