Saturday, January 26

30th birthday photos

So last night I had my b'day party & the following people showed up, below are a few photos as well. Rob, Gabby, Steve, Jim, Rebekah, Shani, Andy B, Andy T, Nim, Bianca, Maria, Dan, Kirsty, Anita, Anna, Maeve, Jackie, Cath, Gen, Gareth, Claire, Giulia & her boyfriend (forgotten his name) and me. The bar staff were all there as well, Ray, Rose, Logan, Magda, and Hugo. So that makes a total of 29 persons! me, bianca & jackie
anna & me

me, jackie & maeve

dan, me & anita

rob, me, jim & rebekah

shani & me

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At 28 January, 2008 05:20, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

You don't look a DAY over 29!!! LOL And sweet looking friends also...HAPPY B-DAY

Linda D. in Seattle

At 28 January, 2008 10:33, Blogger Sara said...

cheers my dear - we had a fab time!


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