Monday, January 14

Make up a word Contest

After a long internet conversation with my wonderful old (as in not my boss anymore, nothing to do with age) boss from Saranac Lake - I'm holding a contest to see who can come up with the best word for people in America who are what the British call "chav". Here is our communications throughout the day so you can better understand the population I'm speaking about or you can also click here to see the wikipedia definition and thanks to them we also have this lovely picture to share with you :
PCS said...
Are there Chav's in the USA or is this currently a British phenomenon
11 January, 2008 20:54

Sara said...
yeah there are chav's in the states, i'm just not sure what they're called - sorta white trashy, but yet different - i just know it when i see it, PLUS the word chav is just so awesome, so i'd hope the word the us uses is as good
14 January, 2008 10:26

PCS said...
But different from the people that hang around Stewarts?
14 January, 2008 14:05

Sara said...
yes, as the people at Stewart's aren't quite it either, but that's about the best one yet & do you have a name for those type of people?
14 January, 2008 14:50

PCS said...
Ummm, maybe we can have a contest to determine a good name for them. The younger set of Stewarts people seem to have taken over the little pavillion across the street. There really are two separate groups. The older lottery ticket buying, cigarette smoking crowd and the younger single mother crowd that hang out across the street (who will likely become the lottery ticket buying, cigarette smokers of the future).When we visited Boston last November we stopped at a downtown Dunken Donuts. The door was opened for us by a young, fairly well-dressed, British guy who wished us a great day as he held out a cup for spare change. Is that close?
14 January, 2008 16:26

Sara said...
Nope, they don't ask for money but the younger single mom group is more what i'm talking about - that "too kool for skool" mentality to go with the "I'm entitled to do what I want" attitude they seem to have acquired(not sure where it comes from, but they've got it) - they can't be bothered to open a door for you & if you open it & don't walk through fast enough they're likely to push through & then give you a dirty look if you bump them by accident - but I'm not speaking about BIG thug types, these can also be skinny trashy-types as well. I think the young stewart's group is the best analogy yet!
14 January, 2008 16:50

So please try to come up with a name for this group of people in America - be creative!!

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At 15 January, 2008 07:00, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

I think "they" are called my trailer trash relatives here in the States!

Linda D. in Seattle

At 16 January, 2008 14:44, Blogger PCS said...

I'm wracking my brain but I can't come up with as good a word as Chav.

At 16 January, 2008 15:08, Blogger Sara said...

I agree PCS, but a bit disappointed with the lack of responses - I know my mum will have a good one but she's still waiting for internet to be installed in her new house in the ADKs


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