Monday, January 21

Friday night photos

Had a wonderful chat with my mate Zee in PDX a few minutes ago & suddenly remembered I'd forgotten to post my photos from Friday's Sing-a-Long and Jim's 35th birthday drinks . . . kirsty getting nunned up
cath & maeve with edelweiss

me & jim fighting over a tenner



At 21 January, 2008 23:13, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

NICE! Sweet to see all y'all having some fun...even if you were "knackered"...LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

At 22 January, 2008 16:41, Blogger Sara said...

Ms. CheeseWiz:
oh after all that dressing up, singing & stayin up till 3am I was not just knackered I was shattered ;)


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