Thursday, January 17

sing-a-long & 35th

Nothing truly exciting to report - still raining, been working etc etc - but i am looking forward to this weekend for the following reasons:

  1. Friday night I'm going to The Sound of Music Sing-a-long with my mates Kirsty, Maeve, and Dan.
  2. Saturday Virgin Media is coming to connect my cable, phone & Internet
  3. Sunday I have bugger all I have to do since my couch and chair are assembled, so I might just veg out on them & spend all day flipping through all my hundreds of stations on the telly!

Okay, I got nottin else, sorry


At 18 January, 2008 01:12, Anonymous dad said...

auntie ann and i went to a Sound of Music sing a long in Florida. many folks came in costumes too. who are you going to dress up as?

At 18 January, 2008 16:47, Blogger Sara said...

maeve, kirsty, cathy & I will be nuns & Dan is going to wear a moustache


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