Wednesday, January 9

a few photos for your enjoyment - I hope

Store street decorations
girl dancing/flipping around whilst dangling from a helium balloon in covent garden
Jackie, Kirsty, me and Tash at Kirsty's goodbye party at work
(John, Helena, and Quentin in the back)

Dad waiting patiently at the table for dinner to begin

Patty, Dave, me, Brenda, Mom & Quid

tree up & lights on

the fam on christmas morning

sunset seen whilst on the ferry between Vermont & New York

my car tracks after getting about 5" of snow - isn't our house cute!

Pete, Patty, Matt, me, Louise, Jeremy, Tim & Kate just after midnight on NYE

Sylwia, Maya & me

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At 09 January, 2008 19:00, Anonymous Amanda said...

I see someone's been hanging out by the College Arms! ;)

At 11 January, 2008 16:45, Anonymous dad said...

nice pics!


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