Friday, January 25

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday to us,
Happy Birthday dear us,
Happy Birthday to us!!

"us" being MissyLou (25) and me (30)
(and anyone else born on this wonderful day!)

all that worrying & I feel exactly the same as I did yesterday when I was still in my 20s . . . guess that's a good thing :)



At 25 January, 2008 10:55, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Oh, my! I think I may have UNDERWEAR older than you, you spring chicken!!!


Linda D. in Seattle

At 25 January, 2008 11:10, Blogger Sara said...

cheers ms cheesewiz, but what are you doing up at this hour???

At 25 January, 2008 14:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hooray, Happy Birthday from all of us!


At 25 January, 2008 16:04, Blogger PCS said...

Thanks for explaining the "us" part. For a minute I thought you might have admitted to being possessed. Happy Birthday.

At 25 January, 2008 22:23, Anonymous Mommio said...

OK, so I'm tired since I stayed up till 1:15 am to call and wish you a happy birthday! but it was worth it. There I was sitting in bed singing my heart out!

Love, Mom

At 26 January, 2008 15:15, Blogger jen said...

happy birthday!

At 26 January, 2008 18:56, Blogger Sara said...

thanks you B, C, M & S, xx

now i'm glad i explained - don't want people thinking i'm possessed!

thanks for calling - nice wake up call :)

cheers my dear!


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