Tuesday, September 9

long overdue update

hi everyone, sorry for my 4 days of quiet, even after I promised I'd be good & post stuff for JCG who's on bed rest :( I've just been so busy with dad & work I've not had proper time to sit down & compose a post.

So I don't have photos right now, buuuuuttttt I did take some over the weekend. On Saturday we went to Oxford, toured around Christ Church, even got into the dinning hall where Harry Potter was filmed (don't worry photos will come eventually), then on to Magdalen College, which has some of the most beautiful grounds - it's where I'd have wanted to go if I had grown up in the UK.

Sunday we woke up & went to IKEA to get me a new bed (yeah!) we decided not to waste the money on a bed frame as mine was perfectly fine, so we picked out the mattress, paid for it, sent it to the delivery section, arranged for dad to stay home on Monday & back home we went.

Monday the mattress got delivered, low & behold it's a different size than my bed frame! yes, that means my sheets don't fit it either!!! We decide we'll go back another time & sort it out. We also decide we'll go to Brighton on Saturday.

Today dad picked me up from work around half 4, got a tour of the labs & saw what he can see of the cat 3 labs (through a small viewing window only), met my co-workers and then we met Kaylie at Euston Square station & went to IKEA. Luckily it wasn't nearly as busy as it was on Sunday so we were pretty speedy. Found bed frame, found sheets, found a few other bits & bobs we needed and off to the "pick up aisles" we go . . . got the side frames, got kaylie's mirror, but we can't find the head board, it seems to be out of stock, rather pissed off, hungry & exhausted from this whole process (btw it's not so easy to get out to Neasden from where I live or work) I speak to someone at the info desk & nope they don't have any, they hope to have 5 delivered tomorrow but if I come after work he can almost guarantee me they'll be gone - WTF - is there any way to reserve it? NO! can I order it online? NO!

We drop the mirror & side pieces & check out with only stuff we can carry in our hands. Then try to get home a new way, which turns out rather long & we of course didn't really end up where we wanted to, but whatever we got home at 9pm.

After a quick prep of dinner, dad & I started to discuss how maybe we could just use 2 pieces of plywood to "make" the bed frame fit my lovely new mattress . . . I think it's going to work :)

Aren't dad's the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow night we're going to see The Dutchess at 6.10pm - YEAH!!!

okay off to sleep now - will try to get some photos up soon.

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