Friday, August 29

Mini American comes to London for 4.5 days

I say "Mini America" because for some reason or other I have always called military bases in foreign countries that and since my mates Melissa & Neala arrived safely into Heathrow's terminal 2 on Wednesday night (YEAH!) and they're from Ramstein (in Germany), so okay it's not really Mini America so much as Americans coming to visit, but they do bring me lots of American stuff I can't get in the UK, like yummy mac & cheese, oreos, so I think that counts!

Yesterday I had to work all day so they explored London on their own & damn did they get around! They started off by going to Piccadilly Circus, then to see St Stephen's Tower which houses Big Ben (the bell which weights in at 13.8 tonnes) Parliament buildings, if you want more info click here, Westminster Abbey, the Millennium Wheel (aka London Eye), Leicester Square, Green Park, and Hard Rock Cafe all between the hours of 9.30am and 5.30pm.

At half 5 I met up with them outside the Hard Rock Cafe and we walked over to Wellington Arch, down to Buckingham Palace (where we vegged for a bit watching the world go round & taking lots of photos), then down The Mall to Trafalgar Square for a few more photos & then go on a double decker bus and rode up to Camden to the pub where we hung out for a drink & chat with Rob and Hugo.

Today I'm at work again so they're off exploring some more, I know they were headed straight to the Tower of London, but past that I haven't a clue, I just know that they're coming to meet me at work at 4pm, so we can wonder over to the US Embassy & try to get a quick hello with Jim. Now that he's started back to work after his wedding he's been stationed outside one of the doors there so we're gonna try & pop round for a quick visit.

We tried to get tickets for Lion King but even with all the deals the tickets are £40pp, which is out of our budgets :-(

Fingers crossed tomorrow's weather is suppose to be nicer, today it's about 70 but COMPLETELY cloudy . . . I know I know I should be happy it's not chucking it down with rain, which I am, but I wouldn't mind them getting a chance to see the sun for a few hours whilst they're here in London.

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