Wednesday, September 3

Americans are losing the plot!

So after being sort of "out of it" with friends & family visiting and to be honest glad I'm not in America being tortured with TONS of political ads, I finally decided to check out who the VP nominations where. Really people, WTF are you thinking????

As most of you know I'm registered as Independent, cause politics really just pisses me off about 98.7% of the time! I would hedge my bets that more than likely I'm a democrat on many issues, but I know that I do have some republican views as well. As I've probably not publicly said before, I'm not really a fan of either Obama or McCain, but then gain wasn't a huge fan of Hillary either, so now I'm back to just trying to find the lesser of the evils for my absentee ballot vote for this November's election.

If it looks a bit one sided it might be, cause A) this is my blog, B) I'm limited on time, C) I haven't spent as much time as I need to in order to make a fully equal post. That being said I'd like to ask you my readers, who thinks this Sarah Palin is a good choice? The info I am about to present is all what I've heard on BBC One news, which I reckon is a pretty good source, or at least way better than any news from America.

My "problems" with her being the VP would be the following:
  • she describes herself as a "hockey mom"
  • mother of five, oldest of which is 19 and youngest being less than a year . . . now in my mind a good mother would want to spend time with her children, especially when the youngest has down syndrome
  • she won the Miss Wasilla beauty contest playing the flute . . . maybe I'm just snobby but in my mind beauty contestants aren't really in my mind good politicians
  • her work experience has been in sports reporting for a TV station in Alaska and helping her husband's fishing business . . . maybe that's good background experience, but I'm not sold on it

I know some one's going to say Obama doesn't have a lot of experience, but at least his degrees & jobs seem to be a bit more relevant than beauty contests & sports reporting, but then again maybe not?

Feel free to leave comments - I'd love to know what others are thinking

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At 03 September, 2008 16:30, Blogger JG said...'s my 2 cents, directly from my living room in Quincy - i think that Sara Palin is a good choice strategically. There are a lot of women in the US who wanted to see Hilary at least on the ticket as VP and now they have a woman they can rally behind, sadly there will be ladies in the US who will purely vote on sex rather than the issues. Also the republicans always come off as an old boys club so by bringing in a gun toting mom from Alaska they can change their image with Republican women as well.
Personally I like that she is a
1st term Governor because she isn't tainted by all the political BS and since her skills are in different industries I feel like she'll really work harder to do a good job. She has 5 kids to be a role model for and I think she would be an advocate for family and women, which the US desperately needs. (now that i'm pregnant i have a WHOLE new view on that!)

At 03 September, 2008 16:53, Blogger Sara said...

Okay I hear ya! Don't get me wrong, I don't think being a mom is a bad thing, I just worry about her family life if she's going to VP how will she be able to be home with her family, her children are rather young.

At 03 September, 2008 17:29, Blogger JG said...

i do agree with you on that. i think that she is going to have her hands full with 5 kids plus vp duties - it definitely would take a unique woman to balance it!

At 04 September, 2008 11:45, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

time to defect to Canada!

Linda D. in Seattle (right near the border)

At 04 September, 2008 21:41, Blogger PCS said...

I like the fact that her foreign policy experience is that she lives in a state that borders Canada and is near Russia. I feel safe already

At 05 September, 2008 16:40, Blogger Sara said...

ms. cheesewiz:
i guess you should just consider yourself lucky!

you mean going to canada is international travelling when you can from Alaska . . . maybe i'm the one who's lost the plot!!


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