Wednesday, August 27

food for thought thanks to PCS

A friend & former boss of mine, PCS, wrote a wonderful post, check it out here and then if you don't mind come back here & and leave a comment cause I'd love to know your thoughts on the topic!

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At 28 August, 2008 18:53, Anonymous Dave C. said...

Re: Denying Evolution... I fail to see how you can characterize that post as "wonderful."

"Republicans tend to behave in an anti-intellectual fashion for some reason." This is just as absurd and unfounded as saying "Democrats tend to engage in drug abusing and promiscuous behavior for some reason."

The post starts off with an interesting question and ends with just another pointless "everyone on the other side of the political spectrum is stupid" rant. Unfortunately, the rant distracts from the question.

At 29 August, 2008 10:59, Blogger Sara said...

okay so i thought it was wonderful cause it makes people think & i fail to see people doing a lot of that these days, they seem to just say "okay i'll do that cause it's easy & i don't have to think" so when someone makes a strong statement which has a tendency to ruffle feathers then i think that's wonderful . . . maybe i should have worded it better, my bad.

At 29 August, 2008 19:38, Anonymous Dave C. said...

It's okay if you think it's wonderful. People often don't agree with me, just ask Brenda. The post obviously didn't connect with me the same way it did with you.

There are some strong statements in that post but unfortunately I think a few of them are also rather ridiculous.

I also agree about people not thinking but I can't decide if that is a new thing or not. I will say that one of the many problems with the two party system is the ease with which folks can just follow the party line.


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