Wednesday, August 27

Are they for real?

I just was speaking with the same person I spoke about two posts back about their paper, which I've been trying to help them with since everyone else is gone, but since they doesn't seem to follow directions very well it's rather difficult, for example, I've asked to see all the sections they has done thus far. Finally yesterday I got bits & bobs on random pieces of paper (not in any sort of order), which I read over last night. When meeting with them today and discussing it - I was met with constant arguement for why they'd done it the way they did or why they hadn't done something I'd asked for. Today I said, "alright if you don't want to put an abstract, table of contents or acknowledgements that's up to you" they replied back with, "so I don't have to put those in? cause if it's up to me I wouldn't do any of this" I said, "well it is ultimately up to you how you present it for the examiners, but if I were you I'd check what the book which the course organiser gave you says"

how can you be a week away from turning a paper in & still not know what's required?



At 28 August, 2008 05:48, Blogger Zee said...

My guess is she's hoping YOU will just do it for her! Glad it's only her butt on the line rather than yours or there'd be some serious resentments piling up... ;-)

At 28 August, 2008 10:17, Blogger Sara said...

i'm not sure if they think i'll do it or if they really just doesn't care at all or they are so thick they just don't get it . . . luckily i'm now down to 3.5 days of having to see them & 6 days till it's TOTALLY over :)

At 02 September, 2008 08:32, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Blech! This is when I believe evolution and survival of the fittest failed to prove itself...people like the coworker STILL exist!

Linda D. in Seattle

At 02 September, 2008 10:36, Blogger Sara said...

ms cheesewiz:
I TOTALLY agree, today is their last day - yipeee!!!!!!!!!1


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