Thursday, September 4

a post for a mate who's on bed rest

My first roommate at Norwich University is pregos & due October 10th (3 days before her birthday), but since Baby G is apparently so excited to meet the rest of us, she's been put on bed rest. I promised her I'd try to post a few times so she'd have something to read since she can't go back to teaching & isn't allowed to do much aside from sit or lie down - I'm guessing it's just as frustrating as when I was limited post knee surgery.

So I don't have much to discuss today, but this morning I was busy working. Okay not lab working, but working on plane tickets. I found that Ryanair had a great sale on so I booked 2 set of tickets, Venice, Italy and Porto, Portugal.

First trip will take place October 31st to November 2nd and it's to Venice, Italy with Mindy (American mate who works for Bank of America here in London)

Second trip is November 14 - 16th to Porto, Portugal with Jaiden, John, (my Aussie mates from the pub who house sat for me) and Kaylie (Aussie mate who I met through Jaiden)

Has anyone been to either of these locations? Anyone have any recommendations for hotels, must see places, or just as important places to avoid?

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At 05 September, 2008 01:33, Blogger JG said...

i love that you are entertaining me while i sit here and wait for Baby G. take tons of photos on your next adventures. i am living through you right now you least until i can go on a vacation!

At 05 September, 2008 16:44, Blogger Sara said...

well it is important to keep you sitting still & if I need to make posts to make it happen I will! too bad i'm in meetings all day today, but I will try to get another one up this weekend, but if not I PROMISE i'll get lots of photos on all of my holidays, just for you & baby g!!!!!! hugs & kisses from l'town, xx


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