Thursday, August 21

I'm not even sure where to begin . . . .

Someone asked me for help with writing a paper & handed me a 4 paragraph long "results" section without the 5 graphs, which admittedly was wrote at 1am last night . . . I tried to explain nicely that they have the next 5 days to get this all "in order" and to bring me back a paper copy on Tuesday at 9.15am since they only has 2 weeks left & hasn't even begun her discussion . . . I'm putting my foot down & going to let someone else handle that part next week when they're back from holiday!

Really if you're trying to get a masters wouldn't you put even 2 pence worth of effort into writing?!?!?!?


At 22 August, 2008 03:50, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Well, I'm pretty lazy, but even I would offer to PAY someone to do it for me! LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

At 24 August, 2008 20:43, Blogger Vicky Trabosh said...

Good boundry sistah! Here's my belief: High standards with poor boundries make for a looong day! good to keep the day yours!

At 25 August, 2008 18:31, Blogger Sara said...

that's probably because you HAVE a brain!!!!

cheers my dear :)


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