Saturday, September 13

Brighton, England ROCKS when it's sunny & warm

Dad, Kaylie & I trundled off to Brighton for the day. It was only suppose to be partly sunny and 16C, but we got lucky and it turned out to be completely sunny and about 20C!!!

We visited the Brighton Pavilion which was a farmhouse until King George IV decided to re-vamp it in an Asian theme, the outside look likes an Indian temple and the inside has lots of Chinese decor - it's pretty cool if you ask me!

From there we went to lunch at the Grand Hotel and then walked along the ROCKY beach, yes that's correct no soft white sand like I'm use to in RI, but pebbles & rocks - what I would call river rocks. Luckily we had our trainers on so we didn't have to worry about it, as I'm not sure how one would walk with bare feet or flip flops for that matter!!!

We walked down the pier, similar to coney island, took a seat on the chairs to soak in the sun, before continuing down the beach. After that we headed back into town & did a bit of shopping in "The Laines" and then back to catch a train home.

Photos to follow . . .

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At 17 September, 2008 16:25, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Darn it, but I have been missing in action for the past 10 days dealing with *Life* issues...glad to see you have been alive and well, however!!!

Linda D. in Seattle

At 19 September, 2008 15:03, Blogger PCS said...

First thing I noticed about the British "beach resort". How do you spread a blanket on those beaches and hang out for the day?

At 19 September, 2008 15:06, Blogger Sara said...

hope your issues are better!

like nike, they just do it . . . maybe if you're not use to soft sand you just don't know any better???


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