Wednesday, September 10

My Dad ROCKS!!

Yes that's correct people, my dad made me a bed frame so I don't have to go back to friggin IKEA where they may or may not have the bed frame I wanted/needed. I'll have to post photos later, just know that my dad went to the lumber yard today, got the stuff he needed delivered, put it all together all before 5pm when he came to my work to meet me so we could go to see the movie, The Duchess, which is good btw! Zee, it's sorta like The Queen, and nothing like Happy Feet :)

Okay gotta get to bed, LONG day in the cat 3 at Imperial tomorrow, so I need lots of rest!!

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At 20 September, 2008 22:49, Anonymous dad said...

well, i have to leave a comment for that one! thanks for the compliment Sara. it was a fun project and came out well, and only costs a few bob more than the IKEA bed frame would have cost if that had had it in stock!


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