Monday, September 24

interesting question

Was just reading PCS's blog a few minutes ago & discovered he'd posted a link in which the Washington Monthly asks an interesting question, When you're home alone, do you close the door when you use the bathroom?

So the question is do you?!?!?!?!?

You go girls!! Has anyone been following the Women's World Cup? If not, maybe you should seeing as "No. 1-ranked Americans" are advancing to the "semifinal in Hangzhou. The final is Sept. 30 in Shanghai, with the U.S. seeking a third title to go with the ones from 1991 and '99." Unfortunately the men's RWC team is not doing anywhere close to as well, but so that I don't give away any info to those of you who want to watch it yourselves, just know that you probably should be watching the lady's footie instead :)



At 24 September, 2007 14:33, Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, Sara I am lucky I close the door when people ARE home! I am very open door policy, but now with the boys in the house, I can't really do that anymore-darn! So no, when I'm alone, absolutely not. I do not close the door. I'm going to go try and vote for you and hopefully if I get any time at all today to spare, I'll blog. But I've got a deadline for an article, papers to grade and B has three extras tonight...swimming, soccer and ballet. Looks like we might skip soccer! :)


At 24 September, 2007 15:10, Anonymous Amanda said...

Nope. I love the open door policy.

At 26 September, 2007 05:03, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

OOPS! You mean I'm "supposed" to close the BR door when I have company?!? Oh, gawd...I'm doomed. LMAO

Linda D. in Seattle, WA, USA

At 26 September, 2007 15:15, Anonymous SusieJ said...

Missing you -- sometimes I live vicariously through your posts! I've been swamped. No, I don't close the door -- because when my boys were little, (some still are little) I couldn't because I had to keep my eye on them, at all times. Or, they would just come in behind me anyways. (I bet you just can't wait to be a Mom.) But now that I have older boys, with the younger, I'm getting better at remembering to close the door. Because, I just hate that.


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