Friday, March 30

TGIF & flatmates

Still trying to figure out the hiring of a car for tomorrow, but I did meet my flatmate Estee last night - she's 31, born & raised in London but of Iranian & Jewish decent. She is super great. She's trained as a behavioral therapist & currently working with youths in the Mill Hill area who are "at risk" trying to teach them basic life skills. To pick up extra work she does modeling/TV acting work (not big parts, more just extras on sets etc).

I also got to meet her cousin Stephen who lives near Jim & Rob (just up the road about 5 minutes) he's about 27 & really cool as well. His training is in chemistry, but he's currently working for a company that sells spinal implants.

The three of us had dinner together at our new place - chatting about this and that & then went out for pudding (aka dessert) in Crouch End so I could see that section of London, as I'd never been there.

I will meet the rest of the girls on the weekend. I know Julia is 24, Italian & a student who works on the weekends, but aside from that I don't know any more details.

Okay off to lab meeting . . .

10.20 update: just booked a Honda Accord for tomorrow's adventures in moving :)

11.05 update: freezer is cleared of all things pre-Debbie Smith (whoever she is) so now I have my own shelf in the -20C freezer :) times like this I truly miss Trudeau where I use to have my own -70C freezer & shared spaced solely with Paula in the pre-PCR freezer or "woody" up in Larry's lab, but I'll get use to my tight quarters with time, I do have half a lab bench which is more than most of the malaria techs can say, so I'm happy about that!

14.06 update: had a tuna sandwich on a brown roll with salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber) for £1, how awesome is that?!??!?!?! I don't have much else exciting to report, just been reading, ordering some stuff & chatting with Gareth & Claire about their lack of jobs. I've just been thinking about what type of telly & reading lamp I want to purchase for my new place.



At 30 March, 2007 18:07, Anonymous Anonymous said...

great update and sounds like a fun household is developing!



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