Tuesday, March 20

back to the grind stone

As for Zee's question about Mame's place - I decided not to take it after speaking with her again to confirm the price & realized that for that price I could get my own studio with a lot more room & since I'm not in a rush I decided to decline & check out some more places.

I've been on Gumtree most of the morning checking places out & hopefully will have a few replies later this afternoon/evening!

Aside from that I personally don't have much to report, had lab meeting, ordered some antibodies, and now just searching endlessly for flats. This news was pretty cool - I heard about it this morning on BBC One along with this topic, which I'm sure will start some sort of controversy!! And this article about the A380 is pretty darn exciting since my lil sis use to work on the engine which Pratt & Whitney are making.

Will keep you posted if I hear anything exciting during the day, so far it's been pretty dull & the weather is rather cold & cloudy to bout!

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