Tuesday, March 20

fantastic idea for those knackered/drunk passengers

While on this website earlier, I found this:
How much easier can they make your life? Now you don't even have to be conscious on the tube you just have to rely on those friendly tube riders you are sitting next to. I of course think the "wake me up, anywhere but Brixton" is the BEST & should I ever get a chance to buy it, I'm going to just so I can send it to my mates Dom & Amanda in Madison, WI!!

I also decided I really want this, I just tried to order it for myself & my US credit card won't work in the UK online - WTF is that about?? I don't really know why I want it so badly, but it's just cute! Wish they had a meliodosis one, I'd def get that one. PLUS EBV and giardia are pretty cute, I'm impressed by how much the site has expanding, last time I was visiting it (a few months ago) they didn't have malaria, Lyme disease (rather cute as well) or mosquitoes.

Well with that said I should go back to reading about important things, not that looking at Giantmicrobes online isn't important - lmao!

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At 20 March, 2007 17:01, Anonymous Zee said...

I really want one of those giant microbes too (though not sure which one...) but I'm a bit annoyed because I wrote about them long before Fussy did and someone sent HER some for free! Sheesh... :-P Oh well; I originally found the link at dooce.com so I guess I shouldn't claim too much credit. ;-)

At 21 March, 2007 15:13, Blogger Andrew said...

Hee, those look funny, although I'm not sure that I'd ever want to fall asleep on any of the tube lines. Especially at night.

At 21 March, 2007 16:19, Anonymous Amanda said...

Those are genious! I have woken my fair share of riders in Brixton!


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