Wednesday, April 29

New Addition to the NYResolution!

  • January I went to Switzerland (country #25)
  • February I was in US and Canada leaving no time for a "new" country to be added
  • March I went to Morocco with my mum & had a fabulous time! (country #26)
  • April I was in Germany for Easter & we took a day trip to Luxembourg (country #27) - thanks Neala!!!
  • May I will be going to Sofia, Bulgaria this weekend (country #28)
  • June I will be going to Warsaw, Poland (country #29)
  • July I will be going to Copenhagen, Denmark (country #30)
  • July/August I will be going to Budapest, Hungry (country #31)
  • August I will be going to Vienna, Austria (country #32)
  • September I will be going to Helsinki, Finland (country #33) and the US for Patty's 30th birthday & an Itafari Event
  • October I will be going to Greece (country #34)
  • November I will be going to India (country # 35)
  • December is still unplanned & will probably be full of packing up my stuff, but I'm sure I will fit something in then too!
Bold type is the new addition as of yesterday to my new years resolution! As I said the other day, if I could just find a cheap place to go sometime in September I'd have 11 new countries added this year alone and I did :-) Not only did I find a cheap place to fly to but I found a person to go with me (double score!) so it's official, I'll be adding 11 new countries to my list of places I've been in the world this year alone, doubt many people can say the same!

No pressure dad, but ya know if we don't go anywhere when you're here, I'll get to blame you for the reason I didn't make it to a 12th new country this year - no pressure!!!



At 29 April, 2009 12:23, Blogger jen said...

You are the biggest world traveler I have ever met! Good for you! And good for us who get to be armchair travelers with you on your adventures.

At 29 April, 2009 16:55, Blogger Sara said...

thanks jen, i hope you're enjoying your arm chair experience :)


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