Tuesday, April 7

Cars in Review

So over the past few months I've been on a few road trips & each time gotten a different type of car to drive. Some of them have been better than others, but I've decided to give you my thoughts of them:
First there was the Alfa Romeo's Alfa 159, which I drove from Glasgow to Inverness and back last November. It was an automatic, which made it easier to drive on the "wrong" side of the road. It was very roomy and had lots of power. We even had to drive it through a bit of snow, rain, and hail and I never once worried about traction or handling.

Next, I think was a Skoda, which I drove from London to Nottingham, up to Manchester, and back to London. It was the Fabia model to be exact. Now I've looked it up online and it is a good price, but in my opinion NOT a car I would ever hire again, let alone buy!! It had no power, was not particularly comfortable and overall was just a hunk of junk in my personal opinion.

For our East Anglia trip we had a Ford Focus, which I'm guessing is very similar to the ones you get in the US and being nearly double the price of the Fabia Skoda, I would have to say well worth the extra money!! It seems similar in size, but the comfort is a vast improvement to the Skoda. I enjoyed driving the Focus around :)

This past weekend, we had the luck of receiving a VW Golf and this car is tied with the Focus for best small car I've driven thus far. It is about the same price as the Focus, but did not have as much zippy power as the Focus had.

I'm guessing the Alfa 159 is probably the most expensive car I've driven & to be honest, I wouldn't want an automatic, so if I had to buy one of the above cars, I'd go with the Ford Focus!

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At 07 April, 2009 23:10, Blogger Andrew said...

Hey Sara, have you ever watched Top Gear? Absolutely hilarious show - the presenters are big fans of the Alfas, although I don't know that I've ever seen one here in the states.

I would, of course, recommend a MINI.

At 08 April, 2009 00:58, Blogger Shelby said...

Haven't seen an Alfa in forever.. like 'em tho. happy driving!

At 08 April, 2009 11:00, Blogger Sara said...

Andrew: I really really wanna drive a Nissan Micra, cause they're just funny lookin cars, but we've not gotten one yet. I'd be happy with a Mini as well, but again I'm just at the mercy of the hire car company!

Cheers Shelby!

At 09 April, 2009 00:17, Blogger PCS said...

I rented a Ford Focus and I was quite impressed, especially not being one for buying American cars.

At 09 April, 2009 22:15, Anonymous DAD said...

you will have to write for Road and Track soon! fun report on the cars you have driven.

At 12 April, 2009 02:36, Anonymous Dave C. said...

It's interesting that you liked the Ford Focus. I rent 10-20 times a year for work so I get to drive quite a few different vehicles. One of the best that I've had in the last 2 years was a Ford Fusion. It handled nicely and was very smooth. The one I like the least was a Dodge Caliber. There is a rental RAV 4 in the driveway right now in fact...

At 12 April, 2009 20:06, Blogger mary o said...

I know nothing about these cars; but I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed "your article." I also think they should hire you to evaluate cars! But then I'm a bit prejudiced, if you get my drift!

Love, Mom

At 29 April, 2009 16:59, Blogger Sara said...

PCS - I agree I'm not normally into American cars either but I was rather impressed!

Dad - thanks for passing info onto to Tom, glad he enjoyed it

Dave C - how did you find the RAV-4?

Mom - thanks, even if you are bias :)


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