Friday, April 17

Everyone claims Vigins are the best, I beg to differ

Virgins Media has been nothing but a headache since I signed up for it last year - took 3 installations to get it up & running then they announced no matter what they do they can't get my phone line to work, so I accepted that & have learned to live without one. Then over the year there have been multiple occasions where we've had prolonged disrupted service, which according to them is not their fault & I'm just suppose to deal with it. Now it's been 3 days without tv, phone or internet & when I called last night they said, "oh I'm sorry, but the next time we'll be in your area won't be till next Wednesday, do you want the 8-12 or 12-4 appointment?" I don't want either, I can't afford to take a day off from work for the freaking Virgin (wo)man to arrive, "don't you have any later appointments for those of us who work?"
"Yes ma'am we do, but the next Saturday appointment isn't until mid May, would you like that?"
without a pause I replied, "No, I need to have it up & running ASAP, guess I'll take the 8-12 appointment"
"Oh sorry that's just been taken, how about the 12-4 slot?"
long pause, realising I don't really have a choice if I want the internet up & running again before mid-May, I reply "yes, that will do"
I know this is not the biggest problem in the world, it's just that being dependent on this type of technology infuriates me! I rely on the internet for communication & I highly dislike being out of touch. I know I can use my mobile to call the states, but it cost me £1/minute which is not really a price I'm willing to pay unless there is an emergency. Plus all of my Easter break photos are sitting on my laptops hard drive waiting to be uploaded onto the internet for others to see. Well that's my mini-rant for this Friday. Back to the lab I go . . . I doubt I'll have figured out how to fix the Virgin problems without their help so please have a good weekend if I don't see/speak to you before hand.

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