Monday, March 30

Oxford on top once again

I spent most of Sunday afternoon on the banks of the river Thames waiting, waiting, and more waiting for the BIG moment to come, when 2 boats would turn the corner & I'd get to see them for like 30 seconds. Well that moment came and Oxford had a very strong lead, they kept it up and won the 154th Boat Race. The course is 4 miles and 374 yards long and starts in Putney, goes through Hammersmith (where I was) and Barnes with a finish just before Chiswick Bridge. Oxford's win yesterday makes their grand total for wins still only 75 compared to Cambridge's 79 wins.

Interesting fact 1 about the famous boat race is that in the first ever race, Oxford won back on 10 June 1829. The second interesting fact is the race is strictly between "amateurs" and they must be students of the university for whom they race, yet they take this job very seriously with their training schedules being rather intense for the six months leading up to race day (ie training six days a week). The last interesting fact for today is that there were an estimated 255,000 people watching the race and around eight million people tuned in on their tellys around the UK, and they guesstimate that 120 million watch around the world, but I'm not so sure about that last figure!

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At 30 March, 2009 14:04, Blogger mary o said...

Oh, thanks! I wondered about the boat race. Remember the New Port Richey race? Well the one you attended has such a long and interesting history.

Love, Mommio

At 01 April, 2009 14:59, Blogger Sara said...

yea sorta, i think there was a boat with pirates on it too, right?

At 01 April, 2009 19:51, Anonymous DAD said...

is this the famous Henley on the Thames race? so cool that you could see it...even for a few seconds.

At 04 April, 2009 14:25, Anonymous Amanda said...

Boooo Oxford. Boooo.

At 08 April, 2009 11:03, Blogger Sara said...

Amanda: I was rooting for Cambridge as was Kaylie, but apparenlty our cheering didn't help :(


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