Wednesday, April 15

27th country visited

So I've been bragging to everyone that this past weekend I visited my 26th country, only to realise this morning when I got to work at 07.20 (story for another time) that I was actually visiting my 27th country! So many countries, so little time, who can honestly keep track . . . not me apparently (LOL)

On Saturday, Neala, Kaylie, Christopher, Nikolas & I drove from Ramstein, Germany over to Luxembourg City, Luxembourg. It's a very cute little city, very hilly & old! The weather was fantastic with lots of sun & temps around 73F. We had a great time - photos to follow.

So the story for another time is about how I forgot to switch my mobile time back onto London time (Germany is one hour ahead) so when I woke up at 07.27, showered, had breakfast, got bus into work, arrived at 08.20, I had actually woken up at 06.27 and gotten into work at 07.20 . . . Oops - feel free to laugh out loud at me, most others I've come in contact with have!

Hope you all had a good Easter, can't believe we're half way through April & don't forget to get your taxes mailed out today (if you're American).

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At 16 April, 2009 02:13, Anonymous DAD said...

wow the big 27 at 7:20....into numerology?

congrats and glad you had a great time.

At 29 April, 2009 16:57, Blogger Sara said...

cheer daddio!


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