Wednesday, August 20

The NHS must just love urine samples!

I'm back from doctor's office and he said he's going to refer me to a physiotherapist who then if needs be will refer me to orthopaedic doc . . . but first before they can do anything they need me to pee in a cup (since I'm changing my registration from N10 to NW5 and until I've done that they can't do anything for me) so tomorrow at 11.30am I'll do that to get this SLOW process going . . . I'm back on the bandwagon of disliking national health care systems!!! When I got back to the office my coworker told me how when she went to the neurologist they only took her blood pressure & made her pee in a pot . . . how does that diagnosis "everything?" The poor lab techs who work in the NHS system must just be up to their eyeballs in pots of wee!

Also apparently I need a brain transplant cause I realised last night at 7pm that Patty & I were not going to make it to the theatre we'd booked since I thought it was tonight instead of last night, what a Muppet I can be sometimes . . . luckily the tickets only cost me £12.50 each!

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