Sunday, May 25

Bank Holiday Weekend Excitment (lol)

So here in the UK we have a Bank Holiday this coming Monday - which in the US is Memorial Day and more importantly my mum's birthday!! Feel free to leave birthday comments for her - I know she'd be very delighted to open up the comment section & see things for her.

So what have I done so far this holiday weekend? NO, I've not travelled at all - bet you're all surprised (lol). My old flatmate from when I was at LSHTM studying (Louise) and her boyfriend (Jeremy) who both live & work in NYC arrived into Heathrow at 8am on Friday. They arrived at LSHTM around 11am to get my spare keys so they could come take a nap & shower before meeting up again around 6pm. It was a good evening of Thai food & catch up with others we'd studied with (Emma W, Shani J, Andy B, Laura (who was back from Korea for only 3 days), and Maria).

Saturday morning we attempted to get up at 7am so they could hire a car & head up to Wales to visit Jeremy's mum, but I was the only one who actually got up. They finally made it out the door around 11.30am. The Virigin Media man came to fix my telly, but yet again didn't have the correct pieces & when he finally arrived back with them then announced it wasn't the problem he thought it was some other one & he'd have to have another team come out & re-run the lines (I've heard this story 2x before) so I just smiled & let him go - not worth yelling at him, he tried to fix it. The rest of the afternoon was spent food shopping & doing laundry. At 7pm I went over to Andy & Nim's house to watch EuroVision Song Contest 2008 which I think was one of the funniest things I've ever seen. Definitely not a real song contest, since Crete gives the most points to Greece & vice vera or when all the former USSR countries give the most points to Russia or how Portugal & Spain give each other the most points, even when their entry is TOTAL crap! Russia won last night & to be fair their song wasn't too bad, but Azerbaijan's was horrific & they got a lot of points (again I think that was more political voting than talent voting, but whatever) Russia's been on a role 1st St Petersburg football team wins the UEFA cup, then they win the world hockey competition & now EuroVision . . . what's next?!?!?!?

Today I woke up at 9am, showered & went shopping, no not fun shopping, just needed milk & potting soil to re-pot my plants. Here is the before photo:
Whilst I was doing that I also put the white lace curtains (which came with the flat) into the washing machine as they were a rather grey colour. I figured if they fell apart in the washing machine it was fine with me as I'm not a huge fan of them to begin with, so I sure as heck wasn't about to hand washing these suckers!! When the re-potting was over I took the curtains out of the washing machine and luckily for me they were sparklingly white & still all in one piece. As much as I don't like them I wasn't so much looking forward to going & buying news ones either! Here is the after photo:
Now that all of that is done I'm at a loss of what to do . . . heavy rain & wind makes me not want to go out so I reckon I'll end up watching a movie since I can't watch the telly!
Okay that's all for now - don't forget to leave a birthday message for me mum :-)

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At 01 June, 2008 23:54, Anonymous Susan said...

Happy belated birthday wishes to your mom!! Hope that she and the puppies are doing well. I LOVE the videos =).


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