Friday, May 16

saint petersburg - I LOVE YOU!!!

WARNING: very slow connection, no time for spell check, just going to type & try to keep the connection - sorry for any issues of horrible spelling!!

In Saint Peterburg & all I can say thus far is WOW, what a beautiful city!!! Arrived after 3 hours on a plane with all the SPB football fans who'd just won the UEFA cup in Manchester - this means I was with 50 odd DRUNK footballers who couldn't understand why I didn't want to drink controu right from the bottle they were passing around. It also meant I was one of 4 females on the flight & I reckon the only non-russian. I made it through passport control without a problem, then thanks to my mate topher's excellent directions was able to navigate public transport all on my own with the 4 russian words I know (yes, no, thank you, one) got the 13 bus to city centre where I got on the metro went 5 stops & swtiched lines, went one more stop up out from metro on the LONGEST wooden escaltor I've ever seen/been on, turned right walked 7 minutes down teh road, turned right, second building on the right, flat 13, press button & Marina answered - YEAH me!!!!

Trust me this was not as easy as I just made it seem, but I did it. I highly advise not to travel at rush hour on your first attempt at the metro - confusing enough trying to sort out the pretty cyrillic words, but I some how managed, after a brief panic at one of the stations where I forced myself to just sit down & figure out where I was on the map - luckily for me I was on the right track, just hadn't gone far enough yet.

Last night Marina, Olga & I went out for sushi & then on a driving tour of the city - how beautiful all the buildings are & all the parks & things. Got to see one of hte bridges draw early just for tourists like me :) too bad I'd forgotten my camera! Also went to this spot with a bird on a small ledge where you try to drop a coin & land it on the ledge then your wish comes true, course I didn't land it there, but will go back & try again - can't recall the name of it now.

okay off to shower, get my visa registered & wonder around SPB!!! In case you can't tell I highly recommend this city to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 19 May, 2008 03:37, Blogger mind said...

don't forget to visit the museum!



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