Tuesday, May 13

Big few days ahead of me

I'm off to give a HUGE presentation to the lovely people who fund me (Ministry of Defense over here in the UK) tomorrow and then I have to rush back here to work with some "stuff" they're giving us on dry ice. From there I'll head home, pack & prepare for my trip to St Peterburg, Russia (not South Africa like some people have asked me).

My mate Topher won't be there when I arrive as he's stuck in the states with VISA issues, but I'll see him on Sunday. Luckily his girlfriend, Marina will be around for me to hang out with. And Marina's mate Olga will be picking me up at the airport - thank goodness for Olga!! Not sure how I would have navigated public transport on my own - well we all know I would have managed, just would have been much more difficult. Then on Friday I have to register my visitors VISA & meet up with my dad for dinner, since he's arriving at 4pm I figure he'll be at the hotel by half 6. Hopefully my aunt won't arrive too late either & I can see her, but if not I'll see them at the weekend.

Okay, really need to head home as it's nearly 10pm & YES, I'm still at work - blood presentation took A LONG time to put together, well that and doing 12 ELISA plates (photo thanks to their website)& running 2 cytometric bead array on the FACS machine all in 1 day!!!!

I'm doubting I'll have Internet connection whilst I'm in Russia, so don't expect anything for another week. I know you're gutted, but you'll have to find something else to pass your time (LOL).

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