Tuesday, May 13

how could I forget to tell you how I was lucky yesterday!!

Don't worry I'm home now & about to go to bed, but for those of you who read about the murder on Oxford Street yesterday, you can now sleep better knowing I'm okay. I doubt any of you were worried, but 2 of my coworkers were!! They knew I'd gone to Oxford Street looking for dresses for the 2 weddings I'm going to this summer. When they heard on the news that they'd been a person stabbed to death outside the Mc Donald's they both were a bit panicked. Didn't help that my mobile battery died & they couldn't reach me till I appeared at work today 15 minutes late (adding to their worry)

So here's the details of how I avoided getting stabbed on Oxford Street. Apparently here in London some people think if you spill a coke on the floor at McDonald's you have the right to yell at the person behind the counter who sold it to you (cause obviously they made you spill it) to the point where the security guard at the door has to come over & ask you to leave. When this happens said person apparently feels they then have the right to stab the guard in the chest so that he dies.

I was shopping yesterday afternoon from 2-4.30pm and I remember hearing sirens & lots of people being in my way, but knowing the street rather well I ducted into a shop which has a "secret" side exit onto Tottenham Court Road, which was where I was actually trying to get to & in the process missed all above mentioned excitement.

Really sad that this was all over a spilled drink, people really are stupid some times :( What is happening to our society?!?!?! Please explain me (as my lovely Spanish coworker Laura would say)

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At 13 May, 2008 23:45, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Great! NOW I'm worried...It's a PTSD thing...POST TRAUMATIC STORY DISORDER!

Linda D. in Seattle

At 13 May, 2008 23:50, Blogger Sara said...

oh no, didn't mean to cause you that ms cheesewiz!! but you can relax now knowing I'll be in Salisbury, England tomorrow & St Peterburg for 5 days after that - no dangerous Oxford Street McDonald's are in my future :)


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