Monday, May 5

Rome, Italy - photo tour

do I need to explain where I am?
my mate Karen & I pause for a photo op :)
the entry to our hotel - The Pantheon Inn (highly recommended should you ever go!)
inside the Patheon
after throwing the coin over my shoulder so I can return to Rome!
inside the vatican city (we queued for 3 hours to get in here, but it was SOOOOO worth it!)
one of the MANY photos I took inside - I'll spare you the rest
my first of many coconut gelatos in Rome - YUM!
inside St Peter's (arch is over where the Pope hangs out)

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At 08 May, 2008 01:03, Anonymous dad said...

Nice selection of the pics.. sounds like a wonderful weekend.

At 13 May, 2008 21:53, Blogger Sara said...

it was FAB!!!!


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