Wednesday, May 21

missing SPB already

я благополучно вернулся в Великобритании и действительно любил мою поездку в Россию, желание, которое я имел больше времени, чтобы провести с Topher и Мариной, но я только должен буду возвратиться!!

Any one know what I said????

Well I was trying to say, I have safely returned to the UK and really loved my trip to Russia, and wish I had more time to spend with Topher and Marina, but I will have to go back!!

Will post photos later after I've uploaded them, as I arrived at 11am, went home, showered & came into work (where I am now) so haven't had much free time for photos or blogging.

(BTW that's my name in Russian)

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At 22 May, 2008 09:25, Blogger BRAINCHEESE said...

Glad to see you are home safe and sound! (well, the 'sound' part might be questionable!) LOL

Linda D. in Seattle

At 22 May, 2008 16:31, Blogger Sara said...

I never said to be of sound mind did I????


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