Thursday, May 22

quick update, photos to follow I promise!!!

I got back day before yesterday at 10.55am GMT (left Russia at 10.40 GMT+3hours) It's a beautiful city, clean and colourful! I can't say the people are super friendly but if you can learn the basics of the Cyrillic alphabet then it's pretty easy to get around without being able to speak the language - as I learned the hard way since I knew bugger all upon arrival!!! Luckily my mates took me around most of the time & were able to translate for me, thanks Topher, Marina & Olga :-)

So I think I already told you about how I travelled over to SPB with 149 FC Zenit fans (SPB football team had just won the UEFA cup in Manchester the night before), well on my way back to London I had 3 seats to myself & I'd say the plane was a mix of people who were all sober & quiet - BIG difference from the flight over, but good for those of us who had been up really late chatting with friends & who had to still go into work later that day!

It apparently looks a lot like Venice & Amsterdam - having never been to Venice I can't compare, but I can tell you it's WAY cleaner than Amsterdam & not nearly as many of those crappy bikes around. Plus being that SPB is only 300 years old it's a much "bigger" city as in the roads are wider & not built for horse & buggy like the rest of Europe was set up.

They have the coolest bridges that get drawn at night around 2am & stay open until 5am so if you're on the "wrong" side you can't get where you want till they come down as the metro only runs till midnight.

Because it's so far north latitude wise (59° 56′ 0″ N)the sun doesn't set till near midnight & starts to rise again at 3am, really really cool - wish I could have gone back in June for White Nights when apparently the sun never sets, that would be awesome (sorta like Alaska & northern parts of Canada, but then again who gives a rats arse about Canada since they lost the World Hockey championship - just kidding, it's just that they lost to Russia - LMAO)

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